The best tricks and tools for staff selection

The best recruitment tools and tricks

Finding the best profiles for your team is a big task, which is why recruitment tools and tricks are a fundamental support to succeed in the process.

Today, the work model has changed and with today’s society remote positions and telecommuting are becoming more and more common.

Likewise, technology-mediated recruitment tools are becoming the new way to find candidates.

In this publication we invite you to learn about some trends in recruitment tools.

Trends in recruitment tools

Technology has allowed us to find new ways to connect with the professionals we are looking for and we can use different trends to do so.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the recruitment process

Artificial intelligence is one of the recruitment tools that can help organizations save time and money.

In this way, we find tools such as:

  • Interviews done by Chatbots that through open-ended questions can evaluate the candidate to direct him/her to the most suitable position.
  • Predictive recruiting that uses keyword searches to facilitate the selection process.

These solutions in turn require experts who know the profiles that companies need in order to reach the ideal candidates.

Therefore, TalentFY has a platform that uses artificial intelligence to choose the best recruiters so that in less than 10 days you will be able to find the ideal digital profiles.

Inbound Recruiting

Inbound Recruiting refers to the actions that the organization performs to attract the candidates it wants to attract.

This is a sign of how the selection model has changed, where recruitment tools must have a bidirectional communication with candidates.

Additionally, Inbound Recruiting connects with the needs of candidates to feel represented by the brands where they work.

It is for this reason that companies must work in detail on their Employer Branding which will allow them to attract the best talent.

Candidate Relationship Management CRM

In order to be a great place to work and attract the ideal talent, it is necessary to strengthen the relationship with the Candidate Persona.

For this reason, the use of CRM is fundamental, since it allows to improve the relationship with the professional profiles that the organization is looking for.

The CRM is an aid to recruitment tools that allows to know in depth the needs of the candidates.

By working on Candidate Relationship Management, CRM, you also improve your employer branding, making you more visible to those profiles that are more difficult to find.

Technology has meant that recruitment tools have to be at the forefront of industry developments in order to connect with the ideal profiles.

Thus, organizations are now challenged to respond to all the technological advances, and at TalentFY with our platform, we are attentive to become allies in finding the best talent in less than 10 days.

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