How Youtube con help you find your perfect candidate

How can YouTube help you find your ideal candidate?

In the article Tools to find the best candidate in networks, we already talk about the great importance of social networks in our day to day. In Spain, according to the 2016 Infoempleo-Adecco Study on Social Networks and Labor Market, 8 out of 10 candidates go to the networks to find employment and 84% of companies use them as a means to attract talent.

Continuing with this report, the social network most used by companies to find good candidates is LinkedIn, which uses 74% of recruiters who use RRSS to search for candidates.

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the queen of the sector, but it is not the only option. In this article we want to talk about YouTube as a recruitment channel, a network that allows us to approach this world from an innovative and impactful perspective.

YouTube in numbers

  • With 2 billion users worldwide.
  • YouTube is the second largest social network after Facebook.
  • Youtube users watch on average 1 million hours of video daily.
  • 79% of Internet users claim to have a YouTube account.

How can we use YouTube to find our ideal candidate?

1) Search for talent

Being able to find candidates in places where no one (or very few) looks is a good tactic to succeed in locating talent. In the case of YouTube, one of the best ways to achieve this is by creating a video that is attractive to the candidate profile you want to attract. The goal is to direct them to your YouTube channel where you can continue seducing them with other content.

What does your business specialize in? What content do you think might appeal to the profile youā€™re looking for? What information can be useful in the current context/moment With the data you get answering these questions, prepare a video that is interesting and has valuable content for the type of profile you want in your business. Here are some ideas: video tutorials, webinars or short courses (similar to those you can find on LinkedIn Learning).

2) Publicize your companyā€™s culture

Fitting employees with the company culture is essential for them to succeed. Thatā€™s why itā€™s one of the things recruiters evaluate with the most interest. YouTube can also help you with this. If you make a video showing the values of your company you give candidates the opportunity to judge for themselves whether they fit or not and increase your chances of attracting professionals who will feel at ease in your organization.

3) Employee testimonials and/or reviews

When candidates go to the job offers page of a company they do not want to read infinite texts dedicated to telling the wonders of working in that company. Itā€™s much more enjoyable to see or interact with real employees with whom you could work in the future.

Employee testimonials, if well done, are a great way to show people how you work in your company.

4) Success stories

A testimonial video builds trust. This type of content can be done with one or more testimonials and should last a maximum of 3 minutes.

The most important thing to make a good case of success is to select those customers who have the best relationship with your company (and with you) and coordinate the day and time to do the interviews. We recommend that you select those people who express themselves well, who are not afraid of performing and who are not ashamed in front of the camera.

This is a marketing tool to get customers, but it can also help you show potential candidates that your business is successful and has a future.

5) Show them the benefits of working with you

There are still many companies that do not tell their employees the benefits they will get for their work or working conditions; such as schedules, vacation days, etc. Why? As a candidate you may think it is because they have nothing good to offer. If you want talent to come to you, show it everything youā€™re going to give it in return.

For example, if your office has gym facilities, fresh fruit in the mornings, if you offer discounts in stores or organize events Record it and make it known! A good candidate may be interested in these benefits and informed to work in your business.
What channels do you use to find the best candidates? Did you know you could use YouTube to find your ideal candidate?

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