TalentFY new partner of Enisa

TalentFY, new partner of ENISA

TalentFY becomes a partner of ENISA in the hands of the consulting firm Upbizor. Thanks to this agreement, TalentFY has more resources, to face this strategic moment so important for the company and in this way, achieve the goal of positioning as a player of first level in the market of Digital Recruiting IT.

Barcelona, 22th of September 2020– Santi Molins, CEO at TalentFY, has signed a partnership agreement with ENISA, which provides financial support to SMEs and StartUps. Thanks to this agreement, which has been managed by the financial consultancy Upbizor, TalentFY now has more means to continue implementing its business development plan.

In the words of Santi Molins: “This agreement allows us two things. On the one hand, to see that we are on the right track. That an entity like Enisa has validated our proposal is synonymous with doing things well. It also shows us that we must continue along this same line with a firm and determined step”. In addition, Santi Molins takes the opportunity to thank the great work done by Upbizor, who helped TalentFY a lot in its goal of achieving this agreement.
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Created just over a year ago, by Santi Molins and Pere Rosell (CTO), TalentFY has worked over the last 12 months with clients from all sectors nationwide, who were looking for the best IT talent.

With our Marketplace, TalentFY allows you to find the ideal IT candidate in less than 10 days, all thanks to a single digital platform. Through IA, TalentFY assigns 2 or 3 IT recruiters that best fit the positions offered by companies.

At the operational level, the company has recently signed two new collaborators to boost its image. In this sense, Denis Pereta has entered at the beginning of this month as CMO. This addition aim to promote a communication and marketing plan that allows TalentFY to get a wider reach every day. Also note that the company plans in the coming months to incorporate more IT talent, to continue proposing customers the best digital product possible.

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