The importance of Female Leadership

The importance of female leadership

There are more and more studies that talk about the advantages of placing women at the top of the organizations, both because of their weight in society and the characteristics of their leadership.

Given that half of the population are women, it is striking that the presence of women in managerial positions is so far from this equality. According to Grant Thornton’s International Business Report, only 24% of senior management positions are held by women. In addition, 33% of companies in the world have no female presence in these positions.

In today’s article we want to focus on women’s leadership, where there is still a long way to go

Why are women good leaders?

Studies suggest that companies with women in leadership positions are more profitable. According to a joint report by the Peterson Institute for International Economics and the EY Study Centre, companies with at least 30% of women in managerial positions are more profitable, increasing their net profits to 1 percentage point. Even so, the report states that 7 out of 10 companies do not consider the importance of betting on female leadership.

The leading man has his strengths; for example, he is usually highly competitive and analytical. It is not about replacing all the bosses of a company with women, but it is important to work for equity, to achieve a more balanced leadership that, in the end, is what will increase the productivity of your business.

The skills that a female leader normally incorporates are related to emotional intelligence, an aspect that is increasingly important in the selection of talent. We refer to the following qualities:

1) They have more communication and relationship skills.

2) They have more empathy, so they connect more with their subordinates.

3) They work very well as a team.

4) Do not usually impose decisions, usually choose persuasion for others to accept.

5) They are more attentive to the individual achievements of their employees and are more given to recognize and value them, in front of the other colleagues. In addition, they work so that each employee develops his talent to the maximum.

6) Seek the opinions of all to agree joint solutions to challenges and problems.

How to attract female talent to our company?

If you want to attract women with wood leaders here are some tips:

1) Attends job fairs for women

2) Take care of your company’s image: If you are looking to attract female talent, you must show that your company is committed to it. It is important that you work your Employer Branding to make it attractive for both men and women. If you want to know how to do it do not hesitate to read our article 4 tips to improve your Employer Branding.

3) Beware of voluntary and involuntary discrimination: We sometimes judge men and women differently, and often unconsciously. It is also important to bear in mind that men and women defend their candidacies differently and this can affect the way we perceive their abilities.

4) Apply positive discrimination: Commit to considering a minimum number of female candidates for each vacancy.

5) Be flexible: If you want to have women in your managerial positions you have to accept that with motherhood you need flexibility of time. Try to adapt your needs and agree with your employees agreements and reductions in hours, to help them balance their work and family life.

The search for female talent for managerial positions is one of the challenges facing companies today. If you want to know more about gender-based job segregation in the new technologies sector, do not hesitate to read our article The situation of women in IT sector.
And you, are you betting on female leadership in your business? How do you attract female talent?

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