Benefits Recruitment 2-0

Find out what Recruitment 2.0 is and what benefits it could bring you

“Recruitment 2.0”, “social recruiting”, “social media recruitment”… These are terms that are spoken by many professionals who are dedicated to attracting talent for companies. But… what exactly is it? What advantages can its use bring in the selection of personnel?

In today’s post we explain what recruitment 2.0 is and, in addition, we explain what advantages it can mean for your business to make the selection of personnel with the use of web 2.0.

What is recruitment 2.0?

There are many definitions of recruitment 2.0, we would never finish. Here’s one that we think sums up the concept quite well:
Recruitment 2.0 is the use given by a recruiter or company to the tools offered by web 2.0 to hire the most suitable candidates for a job.
When we talk about web 2.0, we mean online channels that allow two-way communication. Both social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…) and discussion forums or blogs are web media 2.0. They are optimal spaces to establish conversations with potential candidates and to reach a large number of people (active candidates and passive candidates).

Advantages of recruitment 2.0

Recruiting 2.0 is a growing trend in recruiting talent. This type of recruitment can offer great benefits to recruiters and to outsourcing talent search, resulting in better selection processes. However, it was important to know how to harness its potential for success.

Let’s focus now on highlighting some of the benefits that 2.0 recruitment can bring to a selection process:

1) Save costs: The financial outlay that has to be made to publish job offers on social networks is quite small, or even zero.

2) Save time: Today screening processes can be performed more efficiently than ever before. Completely manual curricular sieves begin to be a thing of the past. This task occupied many hours in the agendas of those in charge of the selection processes. Fortunately, this process can now be largely automated.

3) Create brand image: Web 2.0 tools allow companies to show themselves abroad more closely and transparently. They are channels where people can form a more accurate impression about the company. Thus, companies have before them a great opportunity to build good reputation and work their employer branding (4 tips to improve your Employer Branding).

4) Widespread of vacancies: Millions of users live together on social networks and share the contents that are published. If a company is able to take advantage of it and get its job vacancy publications going viral, it can catch the attention of many people. Moreover, unlike other media, publications are not only aimed at people who are actively looking for work, but can also be received by passive candidates.

5) Know the candidates in more detail: Web 2.0 is a very valuable source of information. Therefore, more and more recruiters examine the fingerprints of applicants at some point in the selection process. This allows them, for example, to assess the applicant’s knowledge or to verify the authenticity of certain data. However, you should keep in mind that there are privacy rules that should never be exceeded.

And you, do you use recruitment2.0? Did it work for you? Tell us your experience!

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