10 professions of the future

10 professions of the future

Digitalization is bringing about very significant changes in many companies and sectors. Such is the influence of technology at a global level, that the current trend of companies is to digitize to the point of, in some cases, even changing their business models to adapt to these new, multiple and sudden changes. What is undeniable is that, just as the so-called “professions of the future” directly related to these changes and technological advances have emerged and are emerging, they will undoubtedly emerge. Incidentally, these changes come at such a rapid pace that they make it very difficult for employees to keep up with the pace and learning curve.

In this context, we are faced with a rapidly changing digital market, human resources in need of reskilling and upskilling, and a demand for IT talent that is very difficult to find and, therefore, to fill. These hard-to-fill positions are what we call “the professions of the future”.

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Thus, the professions of the future are above all those that demand very specific and specialized technical skills in the technology sector. However, it must be taken into account that not only hard skills are important, but also that in recent years certain skills that are considered appropriate and necessary to get used to working life in each company are being valued very positively. soft skills skills that are considered adequate and necessary to get used to working life in each company.

The current labor market is intrinsically linked to a process of adaptation to this new era, in which thousands and thousands of professions and jobs will be lost in favor of the professions of the future that we will see below.

Before mentioning them, we should clarify that, although they are known as “professions of the future”, they are part of the current labor market landscape and trend.

10 professions of the future

1. WHITE HACKER. IT security has become one of the major concerns not only of users, but also of any entity that moves and operates in the digital world. White Hackers are in charge of detecting vulnerabilities in the internal system of the entity they work for, so that they can correct and shield their systems before a Black Hacker gains access.

2. GROWTH HACKER. Growth Hacker is a term that is gaining a lot of weight in the context of the professions of the future, and it refers to the professional expert in increasing very quickly the notoriety and volume of users of the brand, especially at the digital level and social networks, with the minimum possible investment. A very valuable practice today.

3. AI PROGRAMMER. Artificial intelligence is an element that is making its mark in certain sectors (among them Human Resources, with the arrival of softwares such as TalentFY). The ability to create algorithms and program guided learning is and will be a highly valued skill.

4. DATA SCIENTIST. Big Data is another very relevant concept today, as digitization has enabled companies to be able to collect a much higher amount of data than in the past. Being able to handle and analyze such large volumes of data will be vital for a “professional of the future”.

5. DEVELOPER. The cell phone, for better and for worse, is practically an extension of our body and we all have our mobile phone full of apps. For many companies, creating their own app can mean an exponential growth in their business, or there are even many that emerge directly as a native app. The application developer is already a vital figure today.

6. UI/UX DESIGNER. Whether for an app or a website, both the interface and the user experience must be optimal to ensure that the user wants to repeat the experience of entering your site. That is the role of the UI/UX (User Interface / User Experience) Designer: to optimize the interface and the user experience, making the design and accesses simple and pleasant.

7. CONTENT CREATOR. Content is the first step to sales. Without content there is no digital presence, and without digital presence you are nobody today. Influencers are considered content creators, but a content creator is also anyone capable of generating digital content for any company.

8. DIGITAL MARKETING SPECIALIST. The Digital Marketing specialist is the one capable of carrying out the digital campaign, not only managing the creation of content, but also the analysis of the data obtained and devising new strategies based on the same and the objectives.

9. E-COMMERCE SPECIALIST. Virtual businesses are booming and online sales are experiencing exponential growth, so many companies are jumping on the e-commerce bandwagon to adapt to this new trend and way of monetizing. Undoubtedly, one of the most prominent professions of the future on the list in the current context.

10. VIDEO GAME DESIGNER. The world of gaming is another booming trend at the moment, with the birth of e-sports. Many companies are betting on joining this new trend either as sponsors, tournament organizers, participants… And the basis of all this are the designers themselves, capable not only of programming a video game, but also of creating all the storytelling behind them.

What do you think is the most relevant profession of those mentioned? Are you thinking of specializing in any of them? We are listening!

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