What is Lifelong Learning

What is Lifelong Learning?

We recently spoke to you about Reskilling and Upskilling, two practices that can make the difference between companies in terms of productivity and adaptability. Technological changes have made it practically mandatory for them to put both concepts into practice, but this also applies to employees. Having the ability and attitude to continually learn is a soft skill that is not soft skill that does not go unnoticed nowadays, precisely for this reason. This is the origin of the concept of Lifelong Learning .

Nowadays, it is not as important as before what you know (which is also important), but your ability and attitude to learn more, unlearn what is obsolete and update your knowledge, even considering the possibility of changing or adapting the requirements of your profession. The information available to us today is so much and so changeable, that the commitment to Lifelong Learning is one of the safest for companies, and it is what they are looking for in their employees. The explanation is very simple: the competitiveness of companies depends on the competitiveness of their employees, and an employee with obsolete knowledge will not be able to provide the necessary competitiveness to compete in today’s market.

How can I join Lifelong Learning?

Lifelong Learning can take many forms, some of them quite new and others that we have always known. Thus, we can join the Lifelong Learning “trend” through:
  • Formal training, such as degrees or diplomas. Refers to the type of academic learning and, above all, at the classroom level.
  • Online training, in which the student is not due to an agenda or a calendar as such. Refers to all the formal training but delivered virtually.
  • Professional development. This is a training “unavoidable”. Throughout your professional life, situations arise that make you feel that you have to lead to learning from experience. It is all the knowledge that is acquired through professional experience.
  • Personal development. Whether through the media formal or informal, is all training taken outside of educational institutions. or labor and that they are “on their own account”.
  • Indirect learning, which takes place every day of our lives. Through conversations, discussions or everyday situations we also take away experiences from which we learn lessons that can be useful to us. for our professional development.
  • Informal learning or free training is that which is carried out, as its name indicates, in a completely freely and informally. As an example we could take the tutorials or classes free Youtube videos or the simple fact of experimenting on our own, as we can do, as with the creation of your own website.

Benefits of Continuous Learning

The benefits of Lifelong Learning are bidirectional. For both the company and the employee, it is endowed with immense added value, as mentioned above.


  • Be more capable and productive
  • Increased creative capacity
  • Increased experience and improved job profile
  • Gaining adaptability to change
  • Increased satisfaction and motivation


  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased competitiveness vis-à-vis the competition
  • Skilled workers generate higher profitability
  • Improving Employer Branding

In this way, we could summarize the benefits in an improvement of the employee’s performance and competitiveness (as well as his or her job profile), and an improvement of the company’s performance, productivity and competitiveness (as well as its profile as an employer brand). A practice, Lifelong Learning, completely necessary in today’s market and that, far from dissolving over the years, will gain much more strength due to the exponential growth of available information and technological progress.

And you, how are you managing your Lifelong Learning? What is the method you use most for continuous learning? We are listening!

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