igital transformation and organizations

The digital transformation and organizations

We live in a changing world where digital transformation has reoriented the way we do things, even in organizations.

And it is today unthinkable to work without tools or technological devices that manage more efficiently different day-to-day personal and work processes.

But how did we get here and what advantages does all this digital world we live in bring us?

Today we want to tell you how we got to this point and all the good that technological developments bring to your organization.

From Stone to Artificial Intelligence

It’s amazing to see how we go from prehistoric tools to tools with AI, and every time we see something new we believe that there is nothing to overcome and Boom! Some Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos impresses us with something else.

If we go back millions of years we see how everything literally began in prehistory with stone tools, the use of fire for different purposes, the invention of the wheel and the development of agriculture.

Surely if we traveled through time and managed to communicate with an inhabitant of prehistory it would be impossible for him to think that in the future there would be cars or planes.

If we follow a mental timeline then we would go through antiquity with the creation of writing and the basic sciences what would we do without this!

Then, jumping hundreds of years, we would reach the Middle Ages with the dark age for science and culture but of which we have the development of paper money or public libraries.

We take a break and we reach the Modern Age, What great event did we have there?

– Yes, gentlemen, the invention of the printing press, which accelerated the process of the development of knowledge, and which, either badly or today, allows us to have electronic books.

Again and jumping hundreds of years we come to the Modern Age with the revolution of steam, the industrial revolution, electricity and we are jumping towards computers, space travel, artificial intelligence and the world we know today.

We know, this is a journey at the speed of light, but all to emphasize that the transformation of technology has been given by the desire of the human being to continue exploring, knowing and experiencing.

Today we talk about the famous digital transformation that scares many but that we must make our ally.

Digital transformation

And what is digital transformation in organizations? The interaction of the company’s departments with digital technology is very simple.

Of course, its implementation may not be so easy, because it requires a change of culture, a reinvention or adaptation of organizational processes, new forms of internal and external communication, and clear new challenges for those responsible for making that transformation work, that is to say for employees.

And this is where the issue comes in reverse, because we know that facing changes is not easy but we are in a universe where the only thing sure and constant is change.

Therefore, we must throw ourselves into the arena and see how good this digital transformation has to offer organizations, here we tell you some advantages.

ATTENTION: These advantages will be of no use if human warmth is not taken care of, on the contrary they can play against.

And what digital transformation experiences have you had in your organization?

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