Millennials are being a headache for many companies. They want to break with all the preset and do not settle for anything. For if it were not difficult enough to capture and retain millennial talent, the next generation wave is approaching like a tsunami. They are the Centennials, they are between 0 and 19 years old and are the first humans to be born with the Internet. They have just landed and companies are already beginning to wonder if they are ready to receive them. Do you want to meet the future generation of employees?


By 2030, 59% of the workforce will be millennials (generation Y) and centennials (generation Z). Although both groups share many similarities, and their ages are not far apart (the first consists of young people between 20 and 35 years, and the second between 0 and 19 years), there are other differences that distance them quite.

The most basic is that the members of generation Z are true digital natives. Although this has been said about millennials, the truth is that they grew up in a world full of landlines and with an incipient Internet and without Wi-Fi. Therefore, Generation Y is accustomed to the progress needs its time and some of its members observe with the same confusion that baby boomers new advances and applications.

On the other hand, generation Z is different, they were born with smartphones and Wi-Fi. This enables them to adapt quickly to new technologies. Their relationship with advances is more instinctive than that of millennials over 30.

It is expected that the differences between the two groups will substantially change the companies. Thatā€™s why organizations, which have already tried to adapt to the preferences of millennial talent, must now start preparing for the centennials. It is necessary to think that in 25 years they will occupy managerial positions, and in the next 3 years, or less, they will break into the professional world.

Differences between Millennials and Centennials at work:

  • Centennials: pragmatism, security and money. Millennials lived the crisis first hand.

  • Centennials will be more competitive than millennials and work more individualistically

  • Generation Z will be more multitask than millennials

  • For centennials the line between work and home is not blurring but is a point

  • Generation Z is more entrepreneurial and/or intra-entrepreneurial
And you, are you thinking about how youā€™re going to capture centennial talent? How do you do it with millennials?

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