How to attract the best candidates

How to attract the best candidates?

Not many companies get it right when it comes to advertising a job offer, nor when it comes to attracting the best candidates. A study conducted by Infojobs assures that 9 out of 10 job seekers reject an offer that does not match the expected conditions.

Attracting the best candidates with every job opening is a challenge. To do this, you must follow three very basic, but also vital steps.

  1. Elaborate the profile of your ideal candidate (Candidate Persona)
  2. Work on your Employer Branding
  3. Make an attractive job offer

Elaborate the profile of your Candidate Persona

You must know who you want to target with your offer and your way of communicating. Create a profile that fits the functions, responsibilities and knowledge of the position, as well as the salary and personality of the ideal profile.

If you do this, you will identify the type of talent you need before you even meet them. This will save you a lot of time, since you will know where to look for him, how to approach him and which features of your offer will attract his attention.

To create this very specific profile, you must follow three steps:

  • Research and gather information. To do this, look at your best employees and give them answers to these two questions: “What kind of person are they?” and “What characteristics make them successful in your company?”.
  • Identify trends in the information you have collected. The most repeated points can help you to mark critical points of your profiles to be analyzed.
  • Bring your Candidate Persona to life. It should not be just an idea. Give it a name and a story.

Work on your Employer Branding

Employer Branding” is the image of your company as an employer, not only to your own employees, but also to your potential and best candidates. It is the personality you exude and the internal environment of your employees that will define your Employer Branding.

If you want to know how to work on your Employer Branding, we invite you to download the complete article in the link below. Keep the best talent!

Make an attractive job offer for the best candidates

The job offer is the culmination of all the previous work and where we will see if the best talent really comes to us or not. Before publishing the offer, you should take into account a series of recommendations that can help you, not only to better reach interested profiles, but also to avoid certain mistakes that are very common to find.

We invite you to learn about all these recommendations in the complete article, which we leave you below. Stay with us, and with the best talent!

Did you know the concept of “Employer Branding”? Have you used these techniques in your selection processes? Leave us your impressions in the comments!

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