Tips for choosing between two good profiles

Tips for choosing between two good profiles

If one of your tasks is recruiting staff I would bet that you have ever experienced this situation: at the end of the selection process you end up with 2 perfect candidates among whom you can not decide.

We know you want to choose the best applicant and in today’s post we will help you in this. Find out what to do when you’re not sure which candidate is most appropriate for the position.

Call for a new interview

In this new interview you can take advantage to review and test your knowledge through technical tests. For this interview to be effective, you should focus on two or three skills that you consider critical for your business based on these two factors:

  • Weaknesses and strengths of your company.

  • Opportunities and threats surrounding your business.

In addition, a second interview is useful to evaluate other important aspects such as personality and the possibilities of fit within the company; since it is important that the candidate fits as well as possible in the culture and values of your company. In this regard, help him to resolve any doubts and invite him to ask anything that bothers him.

Why should I hire you?

It is important that you value the motivation level of each applicant. A good seeker must be able to sell himself, explain what skills he would bring to the company and convey why he is special. You can ask him in the interview what motivates him about your project and what he would like to change and you can close directly with the question of why your company should bet on his candidacy.


  • Consider the candidates’ connections.
  • Check the emails exchanged.
  • Ask for references and contact your previous employers.
  • Ask yourself: Which of the candidates would make you angrier if you were hired by the competition?
And you: Have you ever found yourself between two good candidates without knowing which one to choose? What did you do to overcome this situation successfully?

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