Main functions and skills of IT professionals

Main functions and skills of IT professionals

When you need to find an IT profile, you may not know exactly what it does or who you need to hire for certain tasks. To evaluate these IT candidates you must be an expert in what they do; we must design specific tests and know very well what to ask them. For this reason, in today’s post we describe the main functions and skills of the most requested IT professionals or with more future projection.

Data Scientist:

These professionals are able to analyze the available sources of information and, from there, design algorithms that make the calculations to obtain useful information in the form of a numerical indicator. They seek to predict future patterns of behavior from current or past data.

Python Engineer:

Python is a computer language that works very well for mathematical applications. You can perform tasks to support other IT roles in using Python. This skill is interesting to consider in certain IT positions, since this computer language has advantages over others, especially in Artificial Intelligence.

Front-end Developer:

All web pages are composed of three elements on their surface: visual aspect, structure and behavior. The job of a front-end developer is to combine these three elements so that web pages are geared towards making the user experience excellent.

Back-end Developer:

The back-end of a website is all the technology and programming that make its operation possible. These professionals are responsible for creating and maintaining such technology and programming. They identify and solve the problems of a website that the user does not see but, without its logic, would not work.

DevOps Engineer:

The term DevOps arises from the combination of “software development” (software development) and “information technology operations” (computer system administration). These professionals acquire a more general and complete view of the creation of software products, a DevOps specialist is responsible for making it possible for the work being done in development to reach the users’ devices.

Although now you know a little more these professionals, if all this has sounded new to you and be able to access this type of IT profiles for your business, it is advisable to outsource the task to expert recruiters. They are experts in advising you with your needs, in contacting and capturing the attention of these professionals and in exposing them your project. A very good option is to trust TalentFY, if you want to know more about us I recommend you read our post Why find talent through TalentFY?

And you: Did you know the characteristics of these IT profiles? How do you find your ideal candidate? Have you considered outsourcing staff selection?

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