How to optimize the hiring of IT talent

How to optimize the hiring of IT talent?

We know that finding and hiring profiles for positions related to the tech world is not easy, so we tell you how you can optimize the hiring of IT talent you are looking for.

Among the doubts when hiring IT staff we find consultations on funding, on the selection process, among others.

The best way to resolve those concerns is to consult with experts to guide you through the process.

For example, UpBizor is a platform that, in one solution, helps you to manage financing for the growth of your business or to strengthen your R&D&I, or in the creation of your Business Plan.

Outsourcing these processes will bring not only more productivity to your company but new visions to innovate and excel in your market.

Do an internal analysis and understand what you need to attract IT talent

Every new initiative should start with a look inside the organization to make sure you have everything you need when attracting the best talent or talent management.

Among the main topics we find questions such as:

  • Do I have enough long-term resources to have a new member?
  • Where can I get funding to expand my team?
  • What bonuses can I offer new talent?
  • How can I improve liquidity and extend my equipment?
  • What investment options do I have to grow my business?
  • What kind of contract should I have with the new employee?
  • How should I manage workloads and functions?
  • What other compensation options do I have for my team?

All and many other questions about legal and financial matters can be solved with the advice of companies like Upbizor.

Take care of your selection process

The selection process is one of the most relevant tasks within organizations which must be planned in detail.

According to the report by Rober Walters, 93% of the candidates evaluate the company where they are presented during the selection process.

We know that today the positions of IT and digital marketing are increasingly in demand before the automation and digitization of the process of companies, as well as its incursion into the online world.

In this way, candidates have several job options to choose with what organizations need to improve their selection process and above all have very clear what they are looking for.

Three aspects must be taken into account:

1. A good Job Description

The description of the position you are looking for should be detailed, clear, real and attractive.

You must take into account not only the technical needs of the position but also the type of organizational culture of your company.

It is essential that you know what you are looking for. Without this information and knowledge you will not be able to have the ideal candidate.

2. A roadmap for the whole process

It is vital to structure what will happen in each step of the selection process and what are the actions and possible scenarios that you should take into account.

This plan will go from when we publish the offer to when you accept or reject the candidate.

3. Get support from digital tools

In the recruiting sector there are a number of technologies that can help improve your selection process.

Examples include Artificial Intelligence, Gamification and Social Recruiting.

While the whole process takes a lot of time, organizations have the option of outsourcing this process with companies that are experts in finding IT profiles.

TalentFY is the best marketplace among companies and recruiters that gets the perfect match between the candidate and the company, assigning the most specialized recruiters in each IT and Digital Marketing position thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Work in your Employer branding

Employer branding is a concept that is summed up in people’s perceptions of an organization about an ideal place to work.

But this image must be worked from several angles, the first and main is from the foundation of a good organizational culture.

If your team members feel comfortable and valued, they will become the best ambassadors in your organization.

This is a circular process if you improve the value proposition for your employees not only will you improve their productivity but the word of mouth about your organization will thrive.

So the image of an ideal place to work will be strengthened by attracting great candidates.

Knowing the importance of this process and value production for your TalentFY and Upbizor employees have come together not only to save you time and money on your hiring but also to reduce costs by generating bonuses for your team.

With this alliance you will save up to 12% of the annual salary of your employees by activating tax incentives R&D.

Optimizing the hiring of IT talent will remain a challenge and an innovation process in which technology mediated by the knowledge of experts in IT profiles, finance and work processes will yield great results for companies.

And how are you optimizing selection processes to attract the IT talent you want?

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