5 Tips to Improve Your Company Onboarding

5 Tips to Improve Your Company’s Onboarding

If you’re in a hiring process or trying to receive a new talent,

These 5 tips to have a better onboarding will be very useful.

But first thing first. What is an onboarding?

It is the process of the entry of the new member of your team to the organization.

This is a stage that must be planned so that the new talent is comfortable, easily incorporated into the organizational culture, has a shorter learning curve, is more productive and decides to stay in the company.

According to the study byPeople Fluent Research, 70% of new entrants make the decision to stay or change jobs in the first six months.

In this way, we present you some tips to ensure that you have the best onboarding.

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5 Tips to Improve Your Onboarding Process

1. Pave the way for a good onboarding

We invite you to plan the onboarding process, to have a clear objective and to make a concrete action plan so that everything works well.

In this plan you must be clear what you will do before, during and after the arrival of the new member.
Some ideas to consider are:

Before the arrival

  • Collect all necessary employee information (academic, legal and welfare)
  • Talk with IT and Finance departments to create the corresponding users and tabs.
  • Have a welcome kit (physical or digital) with all the information that is useful to the worker to join the organization.
  • Install the physical implements required by the employee (computer, work site, etc.)
  • Notify the team of the arrival date of the new worker and manage the necessary meetings with the leaders of the departments that are relevant.
  • Assignment of a mentor

The starting day

  • Welcome meeting
  • Delivery of the required material and work site.
  • Mentor presentation
  • Tour of the organization’s facilities
  • Meeting on work dynamics, functions and objectives.
  • Signing of employment contract (if not yet signed)

After the first day

  • Short weekly meetings for support and clarification
  • Meeting about the first week, the first 15 days, the first month, at three and six months.
  • Presentation to the required areas/clients.
  • Follow-up to the tasks performed.
  • Feedback on the Onboarding process.

Several of these issues will be taken into account later.

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2. Maintain frequent contact with your new collaborator

The onboarding starts from the moment the candidate accepts your offer, so you must have everything ready to start this process.

At this stage you should ask for all the necessary information of the employee for hiring as well as welfare data to help you incorporate it int he organizational culture.

In addition,you can send general information about the organization and his/her functions so that you can read them and internalize them calmly.

In some cases you can also send the contract to sign it digitally.

In turn these communications will be the opportunity to start a strong connection of the new employee with the company to feel part of the team.

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3. Make your new employee fall in love with the organization

During the onboarding process you will have the mission to start creating a sense of belonging of the new employee by the company.

This is an issue that must be worked on with time and part of the good management of your organizational culture so that the employee lives all the professional and emotional benefits offered by the company.

In this way, topics such as the team knowing your name, your work site and equipment are ready from the first moment, to be guided and accompanied,will make the new employee feel like he’s in the right place.

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4. Make their first day a magical moment

The first day of a new worker is a time that will determine his perception of the organization.

If you managed to plan all the ‘before the arrival’ for sure the ‘during’ will be a success. Keep in mind that details make a difference. Remember that on this day it is possible that this person feels overwhelmed by nerves and the wealth of information, so having a mentor will help them feel supported. Try not to plan a single day but rather a better starting week in which each day the new employee can complete the required entry processes.

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5. Measure the onboarding process

Measure and measure, there’s the key!
Every time we have feedback from our actions we get an opportunity to improve.
Listening to new talents about how they felt in the onboarding process will keep you improving.
Additionally it will be a great way to involve the worker in the dynamics of the organization.

A good onboarding process will not only strengthen your employer branding but it will also improve your employee’s productivity and reduce staff turnover.

And you, do you plan the execution of onboarding processes in your company?

We will be happy to read your comments!

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