TalentFY returns to 4YFN for the third consecutive time

TalentFY returns to 4YFN for the third consecutive time

The ICEX Foreign Trade Institute chose TalentFY to return to 4YFN for the third consecutive time

Four Years From Now s the international event that brings together startups from around the world in the framework of the Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona.

From Spain, TalentFY has been selected among the 40 national startups that will represent the country at the event.

Why TalentFY?

Talent For You is emerging as a leader among companies in the recruiting sector.

This is due to their disruptive AI technology solution, platform and team, which assign the best recruiters to find the ideal candidate in up to 10 days.

Thus, the recognition of ICEX, is the result of well-done work and the opportunity to continue to grow and expand its market share in the recruitment sector.

Additionally, TalentFY has already participated in other relevant events for startups such asBIZ Barcelonawhere it received the award for the most innovative project in talent generation.

As Santi Molin, CEO & Cofunder, said at the Barcelona New Economy Week BNEW, ‘TalentFY can help shape local talent and attract foreign talent and bring closer the gender differences that exist today’.

The importance of being in the 4YFN for the third consecutive time

This is a reference event for the digital economy sectors aimed at projects with less than 5 years that have innovative products and services in the digital area.

Participating for the third consecutive time in 4YFN is the opportunity to meet new investors, create contacts and share experiences.

TalentFY will present its new platform, a commitment to improve the customer experience through process automation, better usability and the use of Artificial Intelligence.

During the event, which will take place in the framework of the World Mobile Congress, the TalentFY team will actively participate in talks and will try to strengthen links with other startups seeking technological talent,

4YFN is one of the most important international events in the Startup world, which allows participants to meet new investors, create contacts and share experiences.

2022 is shaping up as a year of consolidation for TalentFY

At the end of 2021, TalentFY tripled its turnover with respect to 2020, with half a million euros and its Seed round ended with a financing of 330 thousand euros.

Likewise, the team has grown by tripling the number of employees and has more than 100 active recruiters specialized in C-Level, Tech and Digital Marketing.

In addition, by 2022 it will increase its investment in IT from 75,000 euros in 2021 to 290,000 euros this year.

With the launch of the new platform and the investment in the IT department, Talent For You strengthens the process to find the best candidate for companies in record time with 64% success.

A solution that allows the Human Resources teams of companies to manage their vacancies, the candidates submitted, the phase of the selection process in which they are and the evaluation of each. All in the same tool!

TalentFY returns to 4YFN for the third consecutive time presenting this platform at Stand 6C51.7B on March 2 and 3.

Talent For You is proud to be chosen again to participate in this great event not only to continue growing but to continue offering disruptive solutions to the recruiting sector.

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