Tools for evaluating the perfect candidate

Tools for evaluating the “perfect” candidate

The job interview is one of the basic tools when hiring new employees, but we can always find surprises… We have all hired a brand new professional that we have had to do without, because it has not finished fitting… And that very expensive!

The reasons why a person does not work well within a position can be many: their values do not align with those of the company, does not fit with the team, does not have the required skills, etc. On the Internet there are thousands and thousands of tools to evaluate candidates who promise to have the magic formula to avoid these unforeseen events, but which one to choose?

At TalentFY we are aware that doing this search, reading user reviews and testing some of the options takes a lot of work. To help you save time, here is a list of useful tools and their strengths.


One of the best-known tools is Prevue, an easy-to-use candidate evaluation software with different tests to measure the attitude, personality and motivations and interests of applicants.

  • It allows companies to create the perfect profile to fill their vacancies, that is, the ideal employee for each position, and then with this tool you can compare that ideal with the results of each candidate.
  • Suggest questions to prepare interviews for candidates who pass the tests.
  • It offers reliable and useful results about the potential of each candidate and their possible fit in the company.
  • It allows you to create notes to share them with the whole HR team in a simple way.
  • It allows you to communicate with candidates directly from the software.
Athea Assessment offers an online test that takes about 30 minutes to complete and serves to measure the ability to make good judgments and thus predict the ability of successful candidates in their future position.

After the test, this software sends a report on the results that can be organized according to the client’s request. He or she may choose, for example, a short one-page summary with suggestions for interview questions or an in-depth analysis.

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Useful tool when deciding employee promotions.
  • Useful for identifying stress levels and how they affect decision-making ability.
  • Your recruitment indicator is quite reliable.

HR Avatar puts at your disposal 228 online games to evaluate different profiles covering professions of all kinds; from waiters to senior executives.

In the games candidates will have an avatar that will have to face and solve real situations of their job. In addition, they have 450 tests for specific skills and can create new evaluations tailored for their clients.

If you want to know more about the gamification of selection processes, I invite you to read our article Virtual Reality in the world of recruiting.


  • It is very easy to use and its metrics simple to analyze.
  • Their assessments are reliable.
  • It helps to compare and evaluate candidates objectively.
  • It provides a detailed report of each candidate.
PsicoSmart is a renewed classic. It offers 14 online psychotechnical tests aimed at analyzing the three main psychometric areas:
  • Intelligence.
  • Skills and abilities.
  • Personal, social, adaptation, relationship and internal conflicts.

On their website you will find an explanatory page with the different tests where it is detailed to whom they are intended, the aspects they measure and their average time of realization.

  • Comparative reports of the skills sought compared to those obtained by each candidate.
  • Comparative report among candidates.
Saberr is a data analytics company that seeks to improve collaboration between employees and create more harmonious, happier and therefore more productive work teams.

One of its products is Saberr Base, an online test that uses predictive analysis to measure the cultural fit of candidates. The alignment of its values and objectives with those of the company is one of the key points for the new professional you hire to be successful in his position and have a positive impact on his colleagues.

Saberr Base performs a 15-minute test on the company’s employees to detect values, motivations, positive influences and situations more likely to create friction among the team members. It then analyzes the candidate and issues a report on cultural fit.

  • Assessment of fit in the position, in the team and in the organization.
  • Information on the alignment of values with future colleagues.
  • Generates data on the future employment relationship that the candidate will establish with specific team members.
  • Help desk for conducting interviews to analyse the fit of candidates in the position.
This is our selection of online tools for evaluating candidates, but there are many options out there. To choose the right one we recommend you to consider the following aspects:
  • Read user reviews, it is the best way to make sure it has been useful for other professionals with your same need.
  • Reflect on the type of position for which you need the test and identify precisely the aspects you need to assess.
  • Make sure that the chosen tool will be comfortable and attractive for candidates.
  • Choose tools that generate reports that will serve you.
  • Consider the cost-effectiveness binomial, since most of these tools are paid.
Did you know any of these tools? What is your opinion about the tools we have discussed?

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