Teambuilding activities

Team Building activities for a united team

Team building activities are a great way to strengthen personal ties between employees and create a good atmosphere in your office. Never forget that a happy employee is a good employee, so remember to always put the necessary means to make them.

However, today we’re going to focus on 5 fun and dynamic team building exercises that will not only give you a good time, but help you boost motivation and confidence in your team.

1) Blind drawing

Divide your team into pairs and ask them to sit back to back. Give one of them a sheet with an image, the other a blank paper and a pen. The one who has the image should give instructions to his partner on how to draw it without telling him what it is. The one with the blank sheet will have to try to draw what he thinks the image represents based on the description of his partner.

Purpose: It is an activity focused on fostering the communication and interpretation skills of teams

2) Truth or lie?

Give each member of your team 4 pieces of paper and ask them to write 3 truths about themselves and a lie, this should be credible. Once they have finished, ask them to read what they have written in random order. The others will have to discuss what the lie is.

Purpose: it is a good game to break the ice and gives members the opportunity to share some fact about themselves, and know curious details about others.

3) Who am I?

Put your whole team in a circle and choose a theme (for example, animals). Each member write on a piece of paper a word linked to the chosen theme and pass it to the comrade on the right. Then each team member will stick the piece of paper he has received from the teammate on the forehead (you should not see what is written). This way, everyone can see what’s written on your paper but yourself.

The game is on! You must ask questions that can be answered with a yes or no, and get to guess what word is written on your paper. Whoever hits first wins the game.

Purpose: it is an ideal game to break the ice, perfect for team building with employees who have recently joined.

4) What would you take to a desert island?

Divide your team into 2 groups and ask them to write in order of importance the 10 things that would be taken to a desert island in order to survive. When they are finished, allow each group to present its selection and then organize a debate between them in which they can reach a consensus.

Purpose: It is an activity aimed at boosting creativity in problem solving and fostering collaboration between teams.

5) How would you classify it?

Gather 20 items in the center of the table; make sure they have very little connection between them. Divide your team into groups, ask them to classify objects into 4 groups and write groupings on a sheet. When time runs out each group should explain how they have classified objects and why.

Purpose: Forcing your team to search for commonalities in seemingly unconnected objects will help your team work outside the box, using teamwork and creative thinking for exercise resolution.

Team building activities are very effective in fostering relationships between co-workers. However, there are many methods that will help you increase the motivation of your employees and create an excellent work climate.

In our blog we have already dedicated some articles to talk about how to motivate your employees, we leave some here:

And you: What team building activities do you do with your team? Do you think these activities help improve the environment and communication in your office?

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