How has COVID affected selections processes

How has COVID-19 affected selection processes?

The end of the confinement due to the coronavirus and the slow return to the “new normal” of all economic sectors forces us to think about how the labor market will work after the pandemic. We all ask ourselves: How has COVID-19 affected selection processes and the HR sector?

Economic activity has been seriously affected by COVID-19 and limitations on mobility, as well as the closure of many businesses in the most affected sectors. However, the arrival of what we call “new normal” brings with it the need to rehire, following, of course, a series of criteria that respond to the changes that we have experienced in recent months. But then, What will be the recruitment and selection of personnel after the coronavirus?

Basic precautions

After confinement (which made many businesses lower the blinds)The easing of restrictions on mobility and economic activity allowed most companies to return to business and start thinking about recovering employees they had to do without through ERTES.

But, unfortunately, the normalcy we know has not yet arrived, businesses, their activities and their workers have had to adapt to a reality very different from the usual.

In the day to day companies have had to take many precautions, the use of face mask, hydroalcoholic gel, safety distance… have become the bread of every day. But precautions have also had to be taken within the different stages of selection processes.

Face-to-face interviews have been replaced by video interviews or telephone interviews and the review of vacancies should be covered in a company should consider different scenarios in the short and medium term (for example, the possibility of a resurgence of the disease).

In addition, technological skills are no longer a merit but a prerequisite. IT profiles are more sought after than ever, and more technological skills are required for candidates applying for vacancies that are not in the technology sector.

At the same time, it is very important that companies prepare contingency plans that include the possibility of working remotely during all or most of the working day.

6 tips for getting anti COVID-19 selection processes

Leverage and use technology tools
At this point, it is impossible to argue that the future of recruiting goes hand in hand with new technologies. Many digital tools have already proven useful for successfully and successfully closing selection processes.

But now, with the arrival of the coronavirus, these tools have become essential resources for selecting and screening curricula, communicating with candidates, conducting interviews and preparing reports and evaluations. In short, selection processes have become entirely digital.

Recruitment software is an excellent tool to streamline your selection processes. If you want to know the best HTM on the market, we recommend you read the article Discover the best HTM on the market.

On the other hand, when it comes to interviews, the traditional face-to-face days are numbered. More innovative methods for interviewing candidates such as video calls or pre-recorded interviews are now recommended.

Make sure your HR team gets good training
Those responsible for conducting the selection process may need specific training to handle the new digital tools. You need to make sure that there are no shortcomings in this regard before starting the process, it is very important that all your HR team is well defended with the new digital tools that you are going to use.

Create a remote pre-incorporation process
Given the current reality, the distance in the working environment is part of our day to day, once selected your ideal candidate for the job vacancy, think that your Incorporation may need to be done virtually (probably not 100%, but you may have to organize your attendance at the offices with other employees, so some days you will have to work remotely).

Therefore, we recommend you to collect and digitize all those materials that, in a normal situation, you would physically deliver to new employees on the first day of office -manuals and style guides, videos about the team and the company, forms, assignment of tasks…- , to develop an online pre-incorporation process that is successful for the company and the candidate.

Optimizes the search for specific talent
The great uncertainty generated by the situation in which we find ourselves makes it more difficult to search for specific talents. If candidates are currently employed indefinitely, they will be more reluctant to change jobs. During crises, workers value security and stability highly.

To make the selection process for these profiles more efficient, a good tactic is to use intelligently targeted ads in RRSS. Since most people are working from home, they are more likely to access their social media profiles, which is why advertising campaigns on networks can be a good option to access them.

Boosts distance work and minimizes candidates’ mobilizations
Given the current situation it is very important that you maintain security measures and social distancing in your offices. For this reason, you should give your employees the necessary tools so that they can work remotely, or give them more flexibility of time so that employees who have to use public transport to go to offices can take the metro, bus,… in hours in which there are not so many people and it is safer.

In recruitment matters it is important to do the same, try to avoid as much as possible the displacement of candidates and offer them to enter to work remotely, they will positively value this possibility and flexibility and appreciate that you worry about their safety.

And the most important! Ensure security in your company
All the above recommendations are subject to a maxim that you should not abandon until an effective vaccine is available to prevent infection by COVID-19: preserve safety in your company.

Having protocols of action in case of detecting contagions or preventive measures to minimize the risk of contracting the disease in the offices, now become arguments to improve the ability to attract the talent of your business.

And you: What have you changed in your selection processes to adapt them to the “new normal”? How has COVID-19 affected your recruitment?

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