Recruitment announcements- how to select employees

Recruitment announcements: how to select employees

Looking for digital talent for your team? In TalentFY we tell you how to achieve recruitment announcements that will help you connect with the best tech profiles.

Recruitment notices are a company’s first letter and the introduction to its candidates, undoubtedly a crucial moment for the organization.

One of the reasons why companies fail to get the candidate they want is because they have not correctly drafted their recruitment announcement, also called Job Description.

In this article we give you some tips to keep in mind during the recruitment stage, something that will be very useful in your employer branding.


Tips to have a good recruitment announcement

Here are 4 guidelines that will be fundamental to keep in mind when creating a recruitment announcement.

Find out about people with the same or similar positions

When writing the Job Description, first talk to the person requesting the digital profile to understand what it requires and what it expects from the candidate.

In turn, you can listen to people who have gone through that position or similar and give you a vision of what to look for

Use specific words

One of the main complaints of digital profile candidates is the lack of clarity and knowledge on the behalf of companies when referring to what they are looking for.

Understanding what profile is required is essential to communicate it in the right way, leaving aside ambiguities, which can generate doubts, misunderstandings or false expectations.

One way to reduce ambiguity is to describe the skill required in a business-related context, so candidates will know what the entity expects and what they will encounter.

Seduce the aspirant

If your Job Description looks more like an endless shopping list, you have to turn it around.

Try to describe what you are looking for, and not make a simple list of all the requirements you are demanding

Technical topics can be organized more specifically, but avoid making an endless list of demands that instead of attracting the best candidate frightens you.

In addition, encourage yourself to share with the applicant the values that make your organization the ideal place to work.

Keep in mind that finding the ideal team is a process that should be planned not only from the technical side but also financially.

Describe a person not a superhero

Have you come across these recruitment notices asking for a young professional with many years of experience and specialized studies?

Well, remember to avoid it! Be realistic and keep in mind that all people have pros and cons, we are not perfect but we have the ability to adapt and improve in the face of weaknesses.

Make applicants understand how this position will be a challenge to grow professionally.

A recruitment notice for the IT sector

Finding the right profiles in the digital sector is not an easy task, more and more specific knowledge about the required positions is required, as well as understanding the candidate persona.

Just one recruitment ad is not enough to reach the best digital talent. That is why at TalentFY we have specialized in making the perfect match between companies and candidates.

How? Through an AI platform that chooses the best recruiters to find the ideal talent in up to 10 days.

Selecting the right staff in all areas is a task that requires dedication, knowledge and patience. In the digital sector we can find solutions such as TalentFY, where AI, together with the experience of professional recruiters, make organizations find the profiles they need, thus decreasing staff turnover.

Thus, having a clear profile will be the basis of the success of the entire process, so do not hesitate to spend the time necessary to have a good recruitment announcement, that Job Description will help you discover great professionals.

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