the most sought-after option

Working from home on the Internet, the most sought-after option

Raise your hand if you have attended virtual office meetings in pajamas. So have we! In fact, working from home over the Internet is the most sought-after option today.

But, beyond the joke or the reality of attending meetings in pajamas, we tell you the advantages for the company and for workers by having this work option.

Without a doubt, one of the trends that the pandemic left us was working from home. In most of the digital sectors it had to be implemented and in most it came to stay.

Currently, the option of working from home is one of the most decisive requirements when changing jobs, as stated in the latest study by consultant Robert Walts: 52% of workers consider it relevant.

With the containment of the pandemic, telework from home over the Internet has also changed and we went from being in home office every day to moving to a hybrid model.

According to the latest report of the National Observatory of Technology and Society (ONTSI) in the last quarter of 2021 the percentage of employees who worked more than half of the days from home was 8%, while in the previous quarter it was more than 9% so the hybrid model is consolidating.

This new way of working in most workers, and especially in digital profiles, is becoming as important as the salary when choosing a company.

Teletrabajo desde casa por internet 1

Advantages of teleworking from home via Internet

For workers

Time saving

Avoiding traffic jams or public transportation delays is a great relief that allows employees to better manage their personal and family time.

This reduces stress and also improves punctuality, additionally translates into economic savings in this daily expense.

Work autonomy

Working from home makes the collaborator organize his work plan autonomously, with no one watching him. 

This also generates motivation and empowerment, and is based on the relationship of trust that the company creates with its workers.

Increased productivity

Saving time and working autonomy make working from home more comfortable and workers have greater concentration, translating into an improvement in their productivity.

For companies

Cost reduction

The fixed costs associated with the physical facilities of the company will be reduced. Even so, the organization you should consider financial support to make sure your team has everything you need to work from home.

Reduction of absences from work

With greater flexibility of time, the work will no longer be counted in how many hours the worker has covered in the office.

It will move to a model of compliance with objectives and commitments with the company, so that work absences are minimized and the worker can improve the reconciliation of their family and work life.

Talent diversification

The possibility of having employees remotely, from anywhere in the world, enriches the multiculturalism and the professional quality of work teams.

Additionally, this allows you to connect with new markets without having a physical office on the site of interest.

Hombre trabajando desde casa con dos computadores

Without a doubt, we can say that working from home on the Internet has become a trend increasingly valued and requested by workers.

The saving of time and costs, the increase in the achievement of objectives, family reconciliation, autonomy and trust make this process an essential form of work for organizations.

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