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The Importance of Talent Management

In the most basic terms, talent management is the process of identifying, hiring, training and motivating employees.

It involves the entire human resources process, from hiring to firing to development and retention. Although employee recruitment and development are distinct functions, they are closely related.

By incorporating these processes into your business strategy, you can increase the quality of your employees and grow your business. It is an excellent investment in the future of your organization. Don’t wait another minute to implement talent management.

In this blog we want to tell more about the importance of talent management, focusing on its types of management.

2. Talent management

Types of management in talent management

When it comes to human capital, talent management has two basic forms: proactive and reactive.

Proactive talent management

Active talent management is a proactive process that anticipates needs and establishes plans to meet them.

This process begins with the directive and commitment of the management team, who must promote a good work environment and the development of the organizational culture, with a view to achieving the corporate objectives.

In this way, the Human Resources department helps to develop the organizational strategy and will be in charge of planning the management of human talent with measurable processes and projects to improve the company’s productivity.

Thus, the most proactive approach is based on creating a system to develop and leverage the talents of the entire organization.

This system will bring several advantages such as:

  • Optimization of employee training processes: improving labor productivity.
  • Strengthening of the organizational culture and work environment: leading to increased employee job satisfaction and reinforcing employer branding. employer branding.
  • Identification of employee needs: this helps to avoid internal crises and improve production processes.
  • Attracting the best talent: having a good corporate culture, good employer branding and a good reputation will make professionals interested in working for the company.

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Reactive talent management

Reactive talent management is based on hiring people from outside the organization.

Additionally, it is a process that manages processes and solves problems as soon as they arise; there is no anticipation stage that foresees opportunities and risks.

Reactive management occurs when the Human Resources department acts as an area that executes processes but is not part of the creation of the organizational strategy.

Thus, it cannot anticipate possible situations but is subject to the decisions made by management.

The proper implementation of talent management will benefit all departments of the organization and improve the productivity of the teams, significantly increasing the company’s profitability.

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