What is a Knowmad

What is a Knowmad?

In industrial society, people were needed to settle in one place to perform a very specific function But today we can already see the new forms of work that companies have and what type of profile is best suited to meet these new needs.

The word Knowmad is a term derived from the words Know (know) and Nomad (nomad). Thus, the translation of this word would be: nomad of knowledge.

What is a Knowmad?

Knowmads are a type of worker who do not fit the traditional “work for life” model. Understand that knowledge is part of a life cycle and feel the desire to expand it continuouslywithout hesitation to give up your current job and set new horizons, if necessary.

They are creative and innovative people who can work with virtually everyone, anytime, anywhere. Unlike what many believe, they are not simply young people who have made the leap into the business world. On the contrary, the knowmad profile is not determined by age, but rather by mentality.

Why are we so interested in knowmads?

The importance of individual talent grows continuously. Today people able to innovate and generate value with their personal knowledge have seen their employment opportunities grow.

But what skills make knowmads so important? The skills passport is the term used by Raquel Roca (writer of the book “Knowmads. The workers of the futureā€) to refer to the set of particularities that define these professionals.
  • They generate ideas and are imaginative.
  • They master new technologies.
  • They use Social Media.
  • They have great adaptability.
  • They are in continuous learning.
  • They are not afraid of failure.
Below, we will explain in more detail the characteristics of knowmads, but you can see that they are a type of profile that can contribute a lot to your business; in addition, they will encourage innovation within the company.

What characteristics define knowmads?

1) They are proactive.

It has been shown that attitude is more important than knowledge or technical skills. These can be acquired, however, the attitude is somewhat more difficult to change.

Youā€™ve probably heard of the Success Formula more than once:

V = (K + S) * A

According to Victor KĆ¼ppers “The value (V) of people is the result of the sum of their knowledge (K) and skills (S) multiplied by their attitude (A).” Knowledge and skills are important and bring value, but attitude multiplies this value.

Knowmads are optimistic and energetic people. They focus on their goals with a clear mind, and often tolerate frustration better than others. They can fail and try again as many times as necessary without losing enthusiasm.

2) They are excellent at finding solutions.

They work to make things better, so they donā€™t waste their time on regrets. They are creative and strive to find solutions that add value, without worrying about blaming someone when things donā€™t work out. They have good judgment in crisis situations, and have no problem assuming the leadership role if necessary.

3) They learn fast, are effective and passionate.

Knowmads are not meant to perform only operational tasks, they often respond effectively to challenges and problems that require innovative solutions.

They work very well when they are fully committed to the cause. In addition, they learn very quickly and feel a lot of passion for the things they like. This passion makes them transmit positive energy to those around them.

4) They watch, listen and ask for help.

Despite being communicative people, they also spend time observing and listening before taking any conclusions. They get information quickly, and make decisions with the help of their peers and leaders.

A knowmad also needs to be heard. This type of professional works with a much greater interest if you have the opportunity to actively collaborate in the organization.

5) They encourage collaboration.

A knowmad prefers to work in open and agile teams; without hierarchical structures. He is inclined to collaborate in teams where he can contribute his ideas and opinions. Due to his good attitude and optimism, he usually serves as a point of union in the teams.

6) Use information openly and freely.

Internet is very important to them, they are fully linked to the web and social networks. So much so, that knowmads often take full advantage of the Internet to gain knowledge and contacts.

In addition, thanks to the use of new technologies are always informed and are the first to learn about news, events, courses, etc… that may be of interest to your business and your employees.

Did you know the Knowmad concept? Do you know anyone with a profile like that? What recruiting tactics do you think are best to capture these candidates?

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