Discover the most sought-after cybersecurity profiles

Discover the most sought-after cybersecurity profiles

Digital transformation has made most of a company’s processes and assets based on fully digital information systems. From email, CRM, CMS, blog, web… to corporate profiles on social media. Obviously this has brought many advantages and benefits, facilitating the optimization of most processes But at the same time it entails a dangerous online exposure, where safety is essential.

Cybersecurity is the order of the day and the demand for specialist profiles in this sector is rising exponentially. In addition, the media impact of computer attacks such as ransomware (data hijacking) makes companies much more interested in increasing investment to protect their data.

Which cybersecurity profiles are most in demand?

  • Security engineer or security technician: they are graduates in Computer Engineering, Telecommunications or Information Systems. Its objective is to ensure the security of information, protect all systems from possible attacks and ensure the prevention of these.
  • Cybersecurity auditors or ethical hacker: although the word “hacker” usually has negative connotations, many companies are interested in having antagonists of the “hackers” pirates. They are responsible for testing security and thereby detecting vulnerabilities in computer systems.
  • Logic Security Manager: is responsible for access to both programs and databases. You must ensure that only authorized persons access the data that corresponds to you.
  • CISO (Chief Information Security Officer): is responsible for information security. Its role is key to align everything that cybersecurity entails with the objectives of the company at a strategic level. Its main objective is to ensure that corporate information is properly protected.
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO):This figure is responsible for verifying compliance with all that is implied by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It requires some independence from the organisation’s management and must ensure that all user data is treated correctly.
As you can see, cybersecurity requires many profiles and it is very important that they are specialized and have experience. Currently, for these profiles, industry certifications are valued, such as COBIT, CISM y CISSP. It is very important that in the case of requiring one of these specialized professionals you have the collaboration of an expert IT selection manager or a recruiting platform with specialists in this sector.

Demand for profiles in cybersecurity

According to Hiscox’s study on cybersecurity preparedness, data are highlighted that clearly show the trend that has been followed by the computer security sector:
  • 59% of Spanish companies planned to increase their cybersecurity budget during 2018.
  • 29% of the Spanish companies that participated in the study have plans for hiring staff and training in computer security subjects
Another point to keep in mind is that demand will be higher than supply. The growth of the needs of this type of profiles is increasing and the talent of this sector is scarce. Neither does the increase in cyber attacks and the greater technological exposure that is being obtained in society help.

In addition, this problem acquires an international level: the study of the Center for Cybersecurity and Education (ISC) predicts that 1.8 million profiles specialized in cybersecurity will be needed in 2023, and in most countries there are not enough workers who meet the requirements.
If after reading all this data you have become nervous, do not panic! If you’re looking for a TalentFY cybersecurity expert profile, it can help you find the best. Thanks to our extensive network of recruiters we are sure that we will find the right candidate to protect and take care of your company data.
And you: Do you already have these types of profiles in your team? What do you do to protect your company’s computer data?

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