3 platforms to add value to your clients

3 platforms to create customer value

Every day we look for new ways to attract our target audience. In a digital and competitive world we show you three platforms to create customer value.

Have you wondered what other topics or interests outside of your product or service might be relevant to your audience?

It’s time for you to answer that question, and in this blog we’ll tell you about three organizations whose digital ideas may interest your customers.

Psonrie, a platform that takes care of your mental health

A psychological care service that allows, through technology, people to have sessions with registered psychologists.

Psonrie will allow your customers to make a stop on the road, evaluate their emotions and receive professional help at the click of a button.

Let’s remember that mental health care should be a priority that many times, due to the pace of teleworking teleworkingwe put aside.

Now your audience will have a new option to face the challenges of everyday life.

Everyone at some point has required financial advice, especially in the early stages and growth of your startup.

Upbizor provides companies with a range of funding opportunities, Upbizor provides companies with a range of funding opportunities: from public financing, tax incentives, financial consulting, and external CFO services, among others.

Entrepreneurs will be able to find professionals at Upbizor to guide them on their way to financing, growth and development.

Upground, collaborative value for your customers

For some years we have been hearing the famous word ‘blockchain’ and the truth is that for many it is a distant concept, half alien, like deep tech.

Upground aims to strengthen and expand the blockchain-related industry through the creation of collaborative knowledge about this technology.

It is an opportunity for your clients to learn more about this topic, as well as to get involved in projects and networking in this innovation hub.

These 3 platforms to create value for your clients or as a support resource for your startup project will help you offer your target audience services that empower their projects through the care of their staff, business planning and the incursion into the new trends of the digital world.

Have you already used any of these platforms?

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