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Digital marketing recruitment: what it is and why you need this service

Finding talent is one of the most important processes in organizations and technology has helped optimize it. One example is a digital marketing headhunter.

This famous term refers to the use of online marketing and technologies such as artificial intelligence to attract the talent that each company seeks.

Digital Recruitment uses tools such as Inbound Marketing, CRM analysis or ATS, among others, to seduce the candidates that companies need.

And you might be wondering why digital optimization of selection processes is so important. Well, mainly because candidates are or are looking for offers in the online world.

In turn, selection processes have changed because employee interests have been transformed. Today professionals are looking for organizations with purpose and greater work flexibility.

In this way, companies have the challenge of falling in love and seducing the profiles they are looking for through digital recruitment strategies, something that with the help of experts will always offer a better result.

At TalentFY we specialize in recruiting digital profiles and we know that it is not easy to make the decision to optimize the selection processes. For this reason, we will tell you what the benefits are when using the services of Digital Marketing Recruitment.


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Benefits of Digital Marketing Recruitment

The benefits depend on how detailed your Digital Marketing Recruitment plan is, yet there are 3 benefits to note:


Improve the Employer Branding

Digital recruitment is a great tool to build and strengthen your ideal employer branding brand.

For example, by having to prepare a content plan that makes your brand visible in the digital world, you’ll improve brand presence.

In turn, within the contents that you can share, it is recommended to communicate the way in which the corporate culture is lived in your company, since this helps to consolidate the corporate image.

Remember that the main basis of employer branding is honesty, for that reason it is a job that must be developed from within the company to the outside.

In this way, digital recruitment will help you be an organization where everyone wants to work.

Greater scope for quality

Although through social networks and job portals your job offer can be seen by thousands of people, the important thing is not the number, but segmentation.

With Digital Marketing Recruitment, your job offer will reach the audience you really need, so you can get profiles that are closer to your organization’s needs.

For this the artificial intelligence gives us a number of tools that allow us to connect with thecandidate persona.

From TalentFY, for example, our platform and its AI, choose the 3 best recruiters specialists in each position, thus ensuring that we find the ideal talent in up to 10 days.

Time saving

Selection processes take time, and when it comes to specialized profiles such as those in the digital sector, it can take much longer to find the right person.

This frustrating situation is solved by digital recruitment, which in a matter of weeks manages to find the ideal professionals for each of the vacancies.

The precision of digital intelligence for certain tests of knowledge or attitudes, makes candidates really fit positions, reducing the margin of error when hiring a new employee.

Using technology and online marketing techniques saves time before, during and after the selection process.

This is how Digital Marketing Recruitment, a service we offer at TalentFY, manages to connect large professional profiles with excellent companies in a short time.

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