How to optimize your employer branding

How to optimize employer branding?

If you want to attract the best talent, optimizing employer branding will be a great opportunity to become the organization where everyone wants to work.

In this blog we give you some basics and tips to improve this concept in your organization.

You can learn more about each of the tips that we will talk about in our guide Emotional Wellbeing at Work and Employer Brandingmade together with Personrie.

Let's start with the basics: What is employer branding?

It is a term that describes the emotions and opinions that the company arouses as an ideal place to work according to the direct or indirect experiences of its audience.

This information can be true or false, it is more about the perception that you have about the organization, but of course, you have to work with honesty and consistency to make it work.

Optimizing employer branding is becoming increasingly important for companies amidst the competition in the market, where professionals apply to several offers at the same time.

How to improve employer branding?

Observe and analyze

Do you remember the famous SWOT? Well, it will be a very useful tool to clearly see your strengths and opportunities for improvement according to the environment.

Adjusts and improves

Analysis alone is not enough to generate changes; we must work on the points to be improved and be creative to develop new strategies.

Take care of your selection process

Attracting talent doesn’t start when you publish an offer, it starts when you plan the selection process. Yes, as always, planning is the key.

Cultivate your corporate culture

The ideal workplace is not only framed in terms of salary or professional satisfaction, but also in terms of organizational culture.

According to the 2021 report from Randstadreport, 64% of job candidates in Spain are interested in working in an organization with a good working environment.

Believe in your brand

Trusting what your campaign does and its values will help in the creation of strategies that strengthen organizational culture, employee confidence in the company and employer branding.

What not to do

Another way to optimize employer branding in your company is to be clear about the things you should avoid, for example:

Failure to strengthen the employee value proposition

Employer branding is not a process to work outwardly, it must be developed consciously and transparently from your corporate culture.

Not having a plan for Employer Branding

Most of the time when we do things without planning they don’t go well and this is no exception.

Do not include your team

This is everyone’s process, in which your team must be involved. So listening to their comments and recommendations will be your starting point.

Not believing in social networks

Social networks are the universe where we find everything, among many things work. Thus, the presence of our offers on the networks must be taken into account.

As you can see, optimizing employer branding will not only help strengthen your corporate brand but will also ensure that you attract the best talent to your company.

How do you optimize employer branding in your organization?

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