10 profiles most requested in Digital Marketing

10 Most Requested Profiles in Digital Marketing

Nowadays, job opportunities related to the online world are increasingly common, we tell you what are the most requested profiles in Digital Marketing.

But before we start, let’s start at the beginning. Do you know what digital marketing is?

We live in a society where these two words have become so famous that we often repeat them without understanding what they are.

Well, Digital Marketing, are all those strategies that focus on delivering value to customers through digital media to achieve sales, notoriety or loyalty.

In this way, you will face the challenge of connecting your company/brand with the online community in a world where audiences are saturated with information.

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The challenge will be to find new ways to reach your customers through the internet and for this the 10 most requested profiles in a team of MK Digital are:

Social media manager

He is the person who leads the management of social networks.

This position will have the responsibility to build the Digital Marketing plan based on the marketing plan and the objectives of the organization.

It will also guide the strategy that will define the company’s social media presence.

In this position you will have to be very updated with all the trends of the digital world with which you can generate valuable content.

Additionally, this charge must be connected with what the competition does and with the measurement of KPIs to make constant adjustments in the strategy.

Remember that the online world is constantly changing and staying behind is not an option.

Community Manager

This is one of the most controversial profiles since in many cases the limits of the assigned tasks are a bit confusing.

The Community Manager is responsible for running the strategy created by the SMM, can also participate in the creation of the same, but its function is to implement it.

In this way, this position has a great responsibility in its hands: the care of the online reputation and image of the organization.

In this position it is necessary to have skills such as attention to detail, time planning, design knowledge, patience to manage PQRs and analysis ability to generate performance reports.

Topics such as design and graphic skills will be conditioned by the type of company where you work since some delegate web design and content in this position.

Content Creator

Here we have the creatives and designers. In fact depending on the organization this position may appear as Creative or Web Designer.

The people who occupy these positions will be responsible for doing magic, yes, they are those who graphically/visually reflect the ideas presented in the plan of the SMM.

A content creator is responsible for creating pieces of value that generate connection with the audience.

This position requires creative people, experts in design, with good writing and interested in the current digital trends.


This position will be responsible for writing all the texts of the contents proposed by SMM.

Among the types of material you can write are blogs, texts (copy) for social networks, emails, newsletter, special content, scripts, among others.

The person in this position should have a great passion for research and writing for the internet as well as a lot of creativity.

This role should have the ability to write about any topic with the ability to transform ideas into messages that connect with the audience to produce sales.

SEO Expert/Consultant (Search Engine Optimization)

This position is responsible for optimizing the positioning of the company’s digital communication channels in web search engines.

Your challenge will be to get them to appear organically at the top of the search engines to generate traffic to the website.

For this, the SEO consultant must use the right keywords, manage the architecture of the web, get input links and verify the outgoing, as well as constantly analyze what happens on the web to implement improvements.

Expert in SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

This position will be responsible for managing advertising campaigns, paid, to appear in the results of search engines.

The person in this position will work with ad creation, use and purchase of keywords, bid management

The professional in this work must have the analytical ability to know how to most effectively invest the budget allocated for online ads.

Web analyst and developer

This position will ensure that the website interface and microsites work properly.

This person will work hand in hand with creatives to make their ideas come true on the web with the necessary parameters to have good navigability.

In this role the ability to analyze and solve problems is very important as it will support the website and schedule all the necessary changes.

E-commerce expert

The first thing to be clear is that e-commerce is the equivalent of an online store where there is buying and selling products through the internet.

That being so, the e-commerce expert is the person in charge of managing that store creating strategies that make sales grow on the web.

For this, the position of the ecommerce must analyze data, improve the user experience on the web, monitor the proper functioning of the online store and update product catalogs.

Some of the skills the person in this position should have are the ability to analyze data, writing skills, creativity and market knowledge and digital marketing.

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Remember that Inbound Marketing is responsible for developing tactics to approach customers, non-invasively, through the creation of valuable content in the digital world.

This position will guide the creation of these valuable content following the overall strategy of SMM.

They should be able to understand, or sometimes create, the customer journey to develop the most appropriate content for each stage, you should also support the definition of the buyer persona.

Its goal will be, through the content, to encourage conversion and customer loyalty.

Social CRM Manager

The CRM refers to the acronym Customer Relationship Management, ie the management of the relationship with the customer.

Therefore, this position will be responsible for creating strategies to manage the relationship with customers from the reading of data.

The person in this position should have knowledge in the use of CRM tools, in data reading, in customer lifecycle management, in digital marketing, market research, among others.

As you can see, the profiles requested in the Digital Marketing teams are very varied. Likewise, the wage bands for these positions are changing

with the Digital Transformation of companies and their incursion into the online world such positions are increasingly sought after. .

What is the position of Digital Marketing that interests you most?

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