News TalentFY We join D'anchiano

#NewsTalentFY We join D’Anchiano!

We have good news: we have teamed up withD’Anchiano to further enhance your Selection Processes! Do you want to know why and what the new features of our service will be? Stay, we’ll tell you everything!

What is TalentFY?

Within a Selection Process, one of the main phases is the search for the best profiles and candidates for your company; a task that can be extremely complicated depending on the complexity of the profile you are looking for or the sector in which you work.

TalentFYis born as a digital solution for all those companies that are looking for IT profiles and they’re not succeeding with it. These profiles are among the most difficult to find in the market due to the exponential increase in demand and the lack of talent that exists today. The explanation? Digitization has grown so rapidly that talent (the worker) has not had time to train or adapt to meet the needs of companies.

These profiles that seem almost impossible to cover in a short time, TalentFY finds them in less than 10 days using its extensive network of specialized recruiters and its Artificial Intelligence system. The company also has 360º control of its selection process on the online platform. Even if TalentFY helps you with the hardest, you still have control!

What is D'Anchiano?

On the other hand, D’Anchiano is a profile comparison platform. In other words and in a practical way, you can measure how compatible your candidates’ skills are with those of the profile you are looking for. But not only that, but it also allows you to measure the fit of those profiles with current team to which he would become a part, so that you can assess not only his skills related to the position, but also his “soft skills” towards the team that will form his area of influence or towards the culture of your company. As a last highlight, D’Anchiano also allows you to know in real time the characteristics of the competition profiles demanded and offered in the market, so you can stay up-to-date on the skills that are being demanded on the market for each position you are covering or that you are interested in covering.

What is the result of this union?

The value of both companies (the search and screen active and passive candidates by TalentFY, and the analysis and comparison of profiles by D’Anchiano), allows companies to cover a very important, complicated and laborious part of the selection process. Both tools significantly reduce the level of complexity of the process and, therefore, the level of effort that the HR team must invest.

In this way, the union between D’Anchiano and TalentFY guarantees us:

  1. ensure the arrival of quality candidates in a first instance (already screened and valued by TalentFY recruiters) and, once received…
  2. value them in a precise and aligned manner to the interests of the company thanks to the contribution of D’Anchiano.

With this process and after the intervention of both tools, the interviews will be much more productive and the selection much more precise.

Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

Artificial intelligence, as well as software in general (ATS), are valuable tools and very useful for HR teams that have to deal with very long, repetitive and easily automated processes. The use of AI allows you to perform these tasks in very short time, without any bias and allowing the team to focus on tasks where it is really important and essential to spend more time.

In the selection process, in particular, the application of AI is synonymous with agility, analysis and rapid conclusions. Automation is especially useful in companies with a very high volume of candidates.

However, in the case of TalentFY, AI is used in favour of fewer candidates, but of a very high quality. This is one of the ways to streamline processes for the company, saving time lost with unqualified candidates, while D’Anchiano greatly facilitates its evaluation.

Advantages of outsourcing

The advantages of outsourcing are numerous and very significant. But sometimes it is preferable to analyze oneself before giving a response to the air. And the answer, in this case, could be as follows: 3 factors that indicate that outsourcing recruitment is a good idea In the link you will find a post full of reflections about it.

Do you think this union can further help your selection processes? Do you want to know more about it? Contact us!

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