Discover how to combat burnout

Discover how to combat burnout

Your head is spinning, you’re exhausted and one day you realize that the job you loved so much is burning you out. If you identify with this situation, you are or are about to become a victim of burnout, that is, a feeling of idleness and boredom at work. Here are 7 symptoms to help you recognize if you suffer from burnout and possible solutions. Find out how you can combat burnout.

7 Symptoms of burnout:

  1. Sunday Morning: You wake up on Sunday and… Fantastic! You don’t have to go to work, but when you remember that tomorrow is Monday, all the bad things come over you.

  2. Negativity.

  3. Extreme fatigue.

  4. Lack of motivation.

  5. Hours do not pass: When you count the minutes, seconds… and time seems to stop, something is wrong. If your job satisfies you and you are happy with the company, time should fly.

  6. Lack of concentration.

  7. Self-destruction: When you are a victim of burnout you tend to lose efficiency and productivity. This can manifest itself in different ways: we may stop caring as much as before about doing things right, we may not care as much about the negative consequences of our mistakes, we may act carelessly or lazily, and so on.

7 Solutions to burnout:

  1. Maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

  2. Organize your time well and don’t waste it.

  3. Vacations should be long enough to disconnect and rest.

  4. Take regular short breaks throughout your day.

  5. Ask for help: Just by sharing a concern you are already reducing the problem.

  6. Find a regular activity that helps you get rid of stress: running, boxing, painting, crafts, etc. The activity does not matter, what is important is that you practice it regularly and that it helps you to discharge bad energies.

  7. Realism and positivism: Things don’t always work out and you can’t be the best at everything. Normally a recruiter has so many tasks to accomplish that it is easy to become overwhelmed. The important thing is to stay positive, prioritize, and be aware of the things you can change and improve, and the things you cannot.

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