The importance of good internal communication in your StartUp

The importance of good internal communication in your StartUp

Internal communication is communication addressed to the internal customer, that is, to the worker. Its aim is to systematically influence employees’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviours, encouraging their participation to generate change and innovate. For this reason, in today’s article we will talk about the importance of good internal communication in your StartUp.

Effective internal communication can be a very powerful and positive tool for your business, Staffbase presents the following data regarding the benefits of good internal communication:

  • It leads to a 40% increase in employee satisfaction.
  • It can generate a 30% increase in the profitability of your company.
  • It can generate a 36% increase in the overall performance of your business.

Communicating with your employees no longer plays a secondary role, in fact, nowadays, internal communication is seen as a key function that inspires and aligns the entire organization towards the same goal.

Bad internal communication can generate up to 15% of losses in any company. It is vital to develop specialized strategies to improve and enhance the internal communication of your business because this decision will be decisive to increase your profitability and the productivity of your team.

La importancia de una buena comuniación interna en las StartUps

Taking into account the opinion of employees and facilitating internal communication channels between them and managers has a positive impact on the environment within your business as it increases the degree of commitment, motivation and the feeling of belonging to the company.

As you can see internal communication is very important for any business, it is for this reason that in today’s article we will give you some tips and advice so that you can establish a 100% effective internal communication plan.

Internal communication plan. Is it necessary?

An internal communication plan is a communication roadmap that provides clear guidance for communication with and among employees. Its objectives are:
  1. Inform employees about your organization’s goals or a specific initiative.
  2. Allow them to take action according to circumstances, reality or changes.
  3. Give them all the information that can help them achieve these goals.
The internal communication plan should keep the team focused and guide their efforts to devote their time to the right activities, which are most important for the company and its objectives. In addition to boosting effectiveness and efficiency in processes, The internal communication plan will allow you to reach a commitment with business leaders and partners on internal communication strategies that can best fit with the most important business needs and opportunities for your company.

Tips to improve internal communication in your business

Improve the environment within your business

If you’ve worked in a company, you should already know how annoying a work environment can be in which people don’t interact much with each other.

With good internal communication, your employees will feel more stimulated to develop interpersonal relationships and, consequently, improve the spirit of collaboration in your business. In addition, you can minimize the distances between different departments, which will help people know the tasks of others and who they should turn to if they need support from someone else’s department.

And very important: Hearing is not the same as listening Listening involves taking into account the information your employees provide you about what aspects can be improved, what processes they are not comfortable with, how to improve the climate in the office, what they need to recover motivation, etc.

Once you have heard and analyzed all the information, you need to draw up an action plan that responds, as soon as possible, to the needs that the employees have raised.


Increase the productivity of your team

From the moment your employees feel linked to the goals of your company, they will start to try harder to be useful to the organization, as they believe in the project and feel your company as their own.

Each employee will begin to better understand their role within the company, its importance and the impact their work can have on your company’s overall results. All this will make your employees know how much of them and their respective equipment is required for the business to benefit.

Also, being more motivated and focused, the trend is for your employees to increase their productivity.

Facilitating the adaptation of new employees

A newly hired professional who arrives knowing the history of the company, knowing the functions it will have and being welcomed by the team tends to integrate more easily and positively.

As we have already told you, internal communication fosters a pleasant and dynamic climate, and this is essential so that new employees do not remain isolated and adapt as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, it is important that there are no barriers. It’s best to be transparent and create an environment in which new employees feel more comfortable expressing doubts, proposing suggestions and approaching others.

If you are interested and want to know more about the adaptation of new employees we recommend the article Phases of adaptation of a new employee.

Avoid rumors and gossip on your computer as much as possible

There are many factors that can destroy and worsen the environment in your business, rumors and gossip are one of them.

These actions are a consequence of the existence of hidden, inconsistent and poorly distributed information by leaders and employees. You must start from the idea that employees talk to each other, in many cases they are not just co-workers, but they become friends and establish very good relationships.

We’re not telling you to tell everything, we know that there is sensitive information that some employees can’t know, but we recommend avoiding half-hearted information or leaving employees behind.

And very important: Do not talk bad from one employee to another employee/a (if both are at a “level” within your company), it is essential that if you have a problem with the work or performance of any worker speak with him/her individually. Not doing so can create a bad atmosphere and turn some employees against others, which completely breaks any atmosphere, however positive.

Workers have to trust their managers and superiors, and to do this, management must be 100% transparent. Communication has to be fluid, clear and direct. This will streamline processes and increase confidence. The messages that the organization addresses to the team must be simple and clear, they must inform, contribute and remember information of interest.

And you: Do you give importance to internal communication?
What do you think is most important to improve internal communication in a company?

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