Who grabs a lot takes little - Do you really want to hire the best

Who grabs a lot, takes little. Do you really want to hire the best?

More and more companies fall in love with the advantages of outsourcing selection processes venture to explore this alternative. Consequently, this market is becoming increasingly saturated and very competitive. What has forced many recruitment companies, a few years ago, have to go to success. In other words, customers only pay if there is placement.

I also tell you, if in many occasions the cheap ends up being expensive, imagine how it should be free… As the facts indicate that, while going to success will always be a winning card for you to test, we must not forget that it is a double-edged sword for both.

Consequences for the recruiters:

First, forget about “exclusivity”, be sure that companies usually have several people looking for the same profile. All in all, they will only have to pay the one who finds it, if any really gets the candidate their project needs.

On the other hand, if it were not enough to work without any guarantee, do not expect companies to commit body and soul. It is likely that, regardless of the presence of quality candidates in record time, they will take the selection process calmly. Sometimes, because it does not represent a real urgency and sometimes because you are simply so many involved in the process that, however much they wanted, it would be impossible to offer you all the corresponding attention.

Consequences for the companies:

Keep in mind that many companies, blinded by grandiose discourses that promise them heaven, are unable to differentiate general consultants from start-ups specialists who could effectively find the profile they need. As a result, many companies end up giving a jackrabbit and lose the opportunity to focus on a single specialist company to which they really can and should lend their time, commitment and confidence.

Also, 90% of the time companies will end up working with generalist professionals who, although they can find profiles similar to what they are looking for, we all know that they will never have the ideal candidate they really need. It is true that for more junior profiles these kinds of alternatives are very viable, but for key profiles they are not recommended at all.
For our part, in TalentFY, we are specialists in finding the best IT profiles in record time. Sadly, we know that despite having the best network of recruiters IT specialists in Spain and integrate artificial intelligence in all our processes, very likely we continue to get into the same bag. Our only doubt is, do you really want to sign the best?

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