Why and how to turn your employees into brand ambassadors

Why and how to turn your employees into brand ambassadors?

Developing a good brand ambassador plan is a great effort for most companies, as it involves involving different departments, employees and external audiences: partners, influencers, customers, stockholders….. In addition, creating and preparing a long-term strategy that generates results can be quite complex. That is why in this article we ask ourselves the following question: Why and how to turn your employees into brand ambassadors?

For any company that already has social media positioning, its next natural move should be to implement a strategy of brand ambassadorsThis strategy will help to increase the benefits and usefulness of the social media with which your company works. According to the magazine LewisIn addition, the metrics of message reach, engagement and credibility will multiply very quickly, with an increase of 25% growth in leads from social networks, an increase of 500% in message reach and you will get five times the number of visits to the website.

What is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a person who promotes the goods and services of a small business. Increase sales for small businesses by increasing the number of people who know the brand, by promoting it their contacts get to know the brand and it reaches more potential customers.

How to make your employees your brand ambassadors?

Make sure your employer brand is up to the challenge

You should keep in mind that people are talking about you online, even if you are not participating in the conversation. Before letting all your brand advocates go free, it is best to first check your brand’s reputation on social media. Candidates are continuously researching, mainly in the RRSS and on review platforms such as Glassdoor or LinkedIn (up to 75% according to some reports).

It is important to firmly control your company’s branding on these sites, as well as to check the latest news about your company on social media before proceeding with the next steps.

Once you have your reputation under control, it’s time to start recruiting your brand ambassadors. It’s important to make sure all your employees know everything there is to know about the latest updates being released or the latest feature set of your product and why your product can change the world (or help make it better).

Promotes the use of SSR
Yes, the days when it should scare an organization that its employees are using Twitter in the middle of the workday are over. It’s time to accept the fact that your employees are talking to other people on social media and you have to turn it around and make it work for you. The first step here is for you to make sure you are involved in the conversation, using corporate accounts to introduce some brand voice into the discussion.

In addition, it is imperative that you start encouraging even more of your employees to share their experiences at work, both with friends online and in the office with management. However, it is important that you control what is shared in RRSS, we recommend you to create and transmit a series of guidelines, explaining which aspects are confidential and protected information of the company (and that they should not leave the office).

Include your employees in recruitment marketing initiatives.
People trust other people, you should take advantage of that by including employees in your work and recruitment marketing strategy. Testimonials to post on Youtube and office tours to post on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. Your employees can record the real day-to-day life in your business and post it on Snapchat. Now you not only have the voice of your brand on social media, but you also have real employees sharing what they love, in their own voices.

Make it easy
Share the information you want your employees to know through multiple channels. Not everyone will respond to an email, participate in a webinar or keep an eye on the latest updates on the website. But chances are that almost everyone does at least one of these activities.

You can also include calls in company emails. This way you not only let people know what information is okay to share, but you give them an easy way to make an appointment.

What can your employees do as ambassadors of your brand?

  • Expand social presence. Internal brand ambassadors amplify the company’s marketing efforts because they act as a loudspeaker for the brand’s messages and values.
  • Connect the company to new audiences with credibility, in a genuine and authentic way that engages customers.
  • Defend opinions about products/services in their own social networks.
  • Recommend your company’s products and/or services to friends, family and contacts.
  • Represent the best interests of the company both internally and externally.
  • Position employees as opinion leaders and experts in their sector.
  • Create greater visibility, recognition, trust and credibility for the brand.
  • Generate greater employee commitment, which can improve the productivity and quality of the service offered by the company.
The content shared by employees on their social networks receives much higher engagement than the brand alone. Extending your social media marketing strategy by involving your best internal ambassadors will allow you to put your business ahead of many companies that are not yet aware of its potential.

Working with employees to gain more engagement on social media is much more cost-effective than working with influencers. In addition, workers are not only more accessible, but also one of the most credible and trusted sources for users and customers.

For this reason, it is very important that you generate a plan to turn your employees into brand ambassadors and, also, that you motivate your employees to share your brand’s content on their social networks. It is very likely that many of your employees do not want to mix their social networks (employee’s personal profile) with the company, and you must understand that it is totally acceptable; in order to generate interest in your employees we recommend that you encourage their participation with “prizes” or making them feel so comfortable in your company that they do not mind mixing that area with their personal one.
Tell us: Are your employees ambassadors of your brand? Do you think they can bring more benefits than working with influencers?

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