The most difficult technological profiles to cover

The technological profiles most difficult to cover

Technology has advanced and continues to advance at a speed that even the market it encompasses cannot reach. There are many companies with needs and positions to cover that are forced to ignore or reorient them, due to the lack of talent that the labor market is experiencing. If technological profiles are difficult to cover in themselves, in this article we want to investigate and focus on those technological profiles more difficult to cover in general.

perfiles tecnológicos más difíciles de cubrir

The labor market data

According to a study published by Manpower, 41% of Spanish managers acknowledge having difficulty finding the talent their companies need. The main causes of this talent shortage are divided into 3 main areas:

  • Lack of experience (29%)
  • Do not meet the requirements of the offer (29%)
  • Lack of candidates (19%)

The technology sector, although not the only one, is one of the sectors affected and probably the most hit by the talent gap that is currently being experienced. As we have said on many occasions, the demand for technological talent is much higher than what the current labour market is capable of covering. Proof of this is one of the results of the study: 54% of managers show difficulties in finding technological profiles. And not only that, but they usually lengthen the processes for a long time.

Another study by Modis states that the IT and Engineering positions represent a problem for 8 out of 10 companies. In addition, this study also confirms the large increase in demand for technological positions in the current market: 20% of qualified job offers in Spain are for technological positions. So does the report by The State os European Tech 2020, where we find that demand for IT positions has grown 30% in the last year.

Technological profiles more difficult to cover

Given this panorama it is natural to ask what the most complicated technological profiles to cover within the technology sector itself should be. And the truth is that there is no concrete list to stick to, but we can find some patterns and coincidences that help focus on certain IT areas that we could consider the most difficult technological profiles to cover. These are:

  • Web developer (JavaScript, SQL, .NET, APIs and Java)
  • Cybersecurity experts
  • Data Science (data analyst, data engineer and data scientist)
  • IT Project Management

As already mentioned, these 4 positions are just an orientation of how the labour market is and the difficulties and needs detected most frequently. Even so, the difficulty of each position will depend on the requirements that each company wants to put to fill the position in a complete way. Of course, if you want to cover it in less than 10 days, that can only be us!

And you, do you think there is a more difficult position than the ones mentioned here? Is there an opening you’re having a hard time filling? Tell us!

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