Headhunter Service

Headhunter service

Turning to a headhunter service may seem a little different at first, but it can actually be a smart career move.

Specialized, IT or managerial positions often require the best candidates and the highest skill sets, which are often not easy to find.

For this reason, having a headhunter service handle your candidate search means that you will have access to unadvertised positions.

Y not only that, but using a headhunter service can save you time and effort.

At TalentFY, for example, we specialize in the search for digital profiles. Thanks to our platform, recruiters, team and experience, we present candidates in less than 10 days.

In this post we tell you the benefits of having a headhunter service.

Benefits of hiring a headhunter service

Hiring a headhunter service is especially useful for companies that need specialized personnel, but do not want to spend time searching for the right person.

The following are some of the benefits of having a recruitment service.

Specialized networking with a headhunter service

Many headhunters have good contacts in their field and can quickly narrow down the pool of candidates saving both the employer and the candidate time.

Additionally, recruiters use social networks to find people interested in a specific job.

Or in other cases, potential candidates come to the headhunter service through referrals from people who were not interested in applying for a particular position.

TalentFY has a platform that, through AI, chooses the 3 best recruiters who specialize in the positions that companies are looking for.

Support in the selection process

Hiring a headhunter service is an excellent option for companies that lack an HR department.

The recruiter can take a close look at your company and your requirements and find candidates that fit your company.

It is important to note that the headhunter service selection process has several phases that require planning and monitoring by professionals in the area.

That is why having the advice of selection experts will make the whole process easier for you and give you the results you need.

At TalentFY we put at your disposal a team of team of HR advisors who will guide you through the entire selection process, which you can carry out through our end-to-end platform.

Saving time and money with headhunter service

Selection processes can take months if you don’t plan them in detail or if you don’t manage to reach the profiles you are looking for.

This situation is even more common in the IT sector as candidates do not conduct an active search but are willing to listen to offers from several companies.

Thus, having a headhunter service will help you reach those candidates in less time and with better results.

In turn, although hiring a recruitment team will require an investment, it will have a good return as it will save you the expense of conducting several unsuccessful selection processes.

We invite you to evaluate whether the headhunter service is worth the cost and benefit to your company.

At TalentFY, we connect companies with the ideal talent they are looking for, becoming their allies in recruiting the best teams.

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