Where to find recruiters specialized in the IT sector

Where to find recruiters specialized in the IT sector?

Before you start you should be clear what is a recruiting company. Recruiting is a method of selecting candidates in which the recruiter performs a direct search of the profile that has been requested without the candidate being in active search of employment. Recruiters mainly look for talent, through contacts and research in different organizations, thus finding the best passive candidates.

It has probably occurred to you that once you have decided to outsource an IT vacancy, the first question that has come to mind is the following: Where do I find recruiters specialized in IT?

Where to find Recruiters?

When you want to outsource the search and selection of candidates for any position, you can mainly go to three sources:

  1. Large selection agencies: companies with consultants specialized in the selection of personnel. They have a great commercial capacity and a very powerful customer service, but they have a general profile that clashes a lot for specific IT positions.
  2. Small selection consultants and freelance headhunter: they offer a very personalized attention and are great connoisseurs of a particular market. They are helpful and resolute, but do not have the necessary structure to work a large volume of positions or contracts outside their specialization.
  3. Headhunters marketplaces: platforms that connect talent seekers with companies that have a vacancy.
If you want to know more about the options and solutions that currently exist to outsource your selection processes, I recommend reading our post Solutions and tricks that will help you find your ideal candidate.
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And you: Have you already decided to outsource your selection processes? Have you used any of the sources we mentioned in the post?

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