4 Employer Branding mistakes to avoid

4 Employer Branding mistakes to avoid

Faced with the current situation, an increasing number of companies are betting on strengthening their Employer Branding as a response to the lack of talent or the difficulty in filling certain positions. If you have great talents knocking at your door, you will reduce your efforts a lot and you will be able to count on the best profiles for each position. For this very reason, and so that you do things right, we want to teach you 4 Employer Branding mistakes that you should avoid so that your strategy is successful.

Employer Branding Mistakes

  1. Having an unattractive/intuitive job page

The job page, whether or not there are vacancies, is a good way to attract the attention of candidates, to communicate with them and to show them how eager your company is to have the best people. Thus, showing a neglected job portal, not updated, with a generic reference email (info@…) or, directly, not having any portal at all, will leave a poor image in the minds of candidates when they want to apply to join your team. Keep in mind that whoever arrives at the portal is already interested in you. Don’t let it go because of your carelessness, as you never know what kind of talent is behind the screen.

Communicate your values, what you are looking for in each candidate, what your company offers them and why they should choose you to start or further develop their professional career.

  1. Poorly written job offers

Definitely, the job offer is a key aspect in determining the candidate’s interest to one side or the other. If the offer does not contain all the data and elements that the candidate considers important to make the decision, he/she will probably leave.

Creating a poorly designed and incomplete offer is a common and serious Employer Branding mistake. Among the most common details are not including the company’s details, the position and its specific tasks or the salary/salary range.  

  1. Give a bad candidate experience

The candidate’s experience is a very important aspect to take into account. Whether or not he/she is selected, each candidate will generate his/her own image of your company and, depending on this image, he/she will speak well or badly about you to potential candidates in his/her environment.

You must be clear that the candidate experience goes from attraction as a candidate to retention as an employee, passing through stages such as selection or onboarding. Throughout this process it is important to generate a fluid communication with him/her, welcoming him/her, informing him/her of each stage, his/her situation and the possible next phase at any given moment.

  1. Not taking Social Networks into account

Employer Branding consists of making your company known as an employer brand. Therefore, a very clear Employer Branding mistake is not taking advantage of the opportunity to do so in social networks.

Social networks provide us with a golden opportunity not only to communicate, but also to interact and receive feedback from the public that follows us and to whom we are addressing. With this we are not saying that you should be in all possible social networks, but in those that are most appropriate for your business and always adapting your language to each of them.

Taking advantage of the networks to show what it is like to work in your company and what is done on a daily basis is a factor that will have a direct influence on your Employer Branding. Obviously, if you do a good job, this influence will be positive.

And you, are you making any of these Employer Branding mistakes? Do you think there are any other aspects that you would improve? Leave it in the comments!

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