'We had been publishing the offer on portals for weeks, but we were not successful.'

Find out how Hapiick managed to fill an urgent position after testing for weeks on job search portals.


Video Transcript

In what context did you ask TalentFY for help in each case?

We met TalentFY in mid-November 2020. We had 1 open position (FullStack PHP/JavaScript) with a lot of urgency (we wanted it before the end of November and with availability of immediate incorporation).

We had been posting the offer on LinkedIn and other portals for a few weeks but had no success, so we decided to try outsourcing the recruiting with TalentFY because we liked their solution, we were attracted by their approach and it was a risk-free model with a 100% pay for success.

Tell us about your experience with TalentFY

TalentFY helped us at a totally extraordinary speed: we published on November 17 and on the 18th we already had 2 candidates. The candidate was finally hired within 24 hours!

In addition, the 100% digital platform helps greatly to speed up the selection process. We scheduled the first interview on Thursday 19. After reviewing the test, on Monday 22nd we scheduled the 2nd and final interview for Tuesday 23rd, launching the offer through the platform on Thursday of the same week. By Friday, December 27, we had hired our new employee, who joined us on December 1. In just 8 working days we successfully closed a process with TalentFY that we had been working on for weeks on our own.

The candidate matched all cultural and technical aspects and also met our economic expectations and responded to the urgency of incorporation. TalentFY is undoubtedly the best solution to find IT profiles, we are sure that we will repeat with them in future positions from the beginning.

What would you highlight from the collaboration with TalentFY?

QUALITY: The two candidates that arrived met the required profile perfectly.

AGILITY: The first candidate who was finally hired arrived within 24 hours.

ACHIEVEMENT: 100% hirings, despite the remote location.

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