"In a few days we had more than 20 candidates."

B2B express delivery platform for companies, which allows the delivery of packages from ecommerce companies in the city. Find out why Shargo interviewed 100% of the candidates submitted by TalentFY.

Shargo Caso de éxito

Video Transcript

In what context did you ask TalentFY for help in each case?

Well, the truth is that we had been looking for Developers in Shargo for a long time, we tried to look for them in a particular way (ourselves) and the result was not good. We didn’t get what we expected and there came a time when we had to decide to outsource or rely on some experts in the sector and, the truth is, it was a success.

What motivated you to choose TalentFY?

We looked at several options and with TalentFY we saw that they were an agile company, a company we were going to work with quickly, people we could count on efficiently, and that gave us a good feeling.

What would you highlight from the collaboration with TalentFY?

In a few days we managed to have I think more than 20 candidates, which for us was a brutal success in the situation we were in. And the vast majority made it to the final phase, making them quality candidates.

Why would you hire us again?

TalentFY was undoubtedly a great decision, it is an investment. We quickly saw that we had more than recouped our investment. In addition, TalentFY provides you with a digital platform where you can follow all the processes, all the candidates, in a very easy and comfortable way, which made our lives much easier at the time.

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