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"We had a major challenge, and we did it!"

OnTwice Group had an almost impossible challenge: after being stuck with two vacancies for weeks, and being at the end of November, we wanted to fill them before the holidays. Discover one of our record processes.

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Video Transcript

In what context did you ask TalentFY for help in each case?

We met TalentFY right at the end of 2020. We had 2 open positions (SQL DB Manager and .Net Developer) and we thought that with the pandemic it would be easier, but it was not. After a few weeks of searching on our own, we decided to outsource the process given the urgency of incorporation that we had.

What motivated you to choose TalentFY?

TalentFY helped us in both processes with an effectiveness and speed that is breathtaking!

We climbed both positions on Monday, November 30, a week before the long weekend and knowing that between Christmas and the end of the year things were going to be complicated. We wanted the profiles before the holidays and the challenge was important.

In the first hours we already knew that TalentFY would exceed our expectations, as we had many new candidates on its platform and all of them very good. In that same week we had received 21 profiles! In addition, new profiles continued to be submitted until the process advanced rapidly and we already had finalists.

These were not empty profiles; we obtained 20 profiles that fully met the requirements.

The platform helped us a lot to speed up the selection process with the candidate manager, interviews, complete feedback from the candidates…

The truth is that we ended up launching offers and signing profiles that arrived at 24h and 72h respectively. We were able to close both processes after 7 and 10 working days. Before Christmas we already had both profiles on board. What a gift!

After a few weeks on our own, opening both processes with TalentFY and having them both closed within 2 weeks… Clearly their method works! We would certainly count on them again in future processes.

What would you highlight from the collaboration with TalentFY?

QUALITY: From the first candidates presented, the fit was total.

AGILITY: In both processes, the final candidate arrived in less than 5 days (on the 1st and 3rd day).

ACHIEVEMENT: 100% of hirings, in spite of being in the middle of the pandemic.

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