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"Simple process, daily follow-up and
very good candidates."

Phoenix Connection’s need to find profiles urgently and with very specific characteristics made it impossible to resort to traditional recruitment options. Find out why they were surprised by our platform and what their experience was like.

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Video Transcript

In what context did you ask TalentFY for help in each case?

We needed to incorporate several profiles urgently and with very specific technical requirements.

What motivated you to choose TalentFY?

We found it interesting that the whole process was managed online, from a platform.

We decided to test and above all to see how to incorporate this service at other times when we need new profiles.

What would you highlight from the collaboration with TalentFY?

It has been a very close and agile collaboration.

The process is very simple, from start to finish, with almost daily monitoring by TalentFY.

Why would you hire us again?

The whole process is agile and intuitive, with a quick response and very good candidates.

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