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Frequent questions

TalentFY is the digital platform that allows you to fill your IT positions with the best recruiters and thus find the ideal candidate in less than 10 days. At TalentFY we do not look for candidates directly, but we connect the companies that have a vacancy with the most specialized recruiters in this type of solution.

TalentFY is the only digital solution in the IT personnel selection market that has cutting-edge technology, capable of connecting you to the best recruiters. We have an end-to-end platform (which controls the entire process) that does an exhaustive follow-up of the candidates, from the moment the recruiter uploads it for review by the employer until it is discarded or hired. In addition, we also have evaluations on all the candidates by the employer. All these objective and numerical data from similar processes are analyzed and an algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence returns us a classification of the best recruiters for that type of position. In addition to the technology used, at TalentFY we also use a disruptive methodology, which always includes 3 recruiters who have different ways of attracting candidates and thus we guarantee that they sweep the entire market and find your ideal candidate.

TalentFY’s standard warranty is 3 months. More than enough time to get to know the candidate well and for the candidate to integrate and get to know you well. Even so, if the position requires it, we are so confident in achieving the match that we have no problem extending the guarantee period. Regardless of whether the candidate leaves or the company considers that they should be fired, TalentFY will respond with the guarantee.

TalentFY is the only platform in Spain capable of evaluating and scoring recruiters based on their successes in similar positions, which they have previously held in TalentFY. We are experts in the sector (we have the ability to assign the best recruiters) and experts in streamlining processes (we use disruptive technology and methodologies that offer quality and speed).

The client. However, at TalentFY we always try to advise, since we are experts in the IT personnel selection sector and we have more complete and up-to-date market metrics.

Do not. At TalentFY we believe that in IT vacancies the best candidates are usually passive, so the intermediation of the best recruiters like you is essential.

At TalentFY we trust our technology and methodology and we are obtaining results well above other solutions. For this reason, we never demand exclusivity from our clients.


of success in cases where we compete with other companies.


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of repeater clients opening more than one position


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